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Self-managed Food Bank cities – Agricultural-Climatic and Tourism cities –
Vegetable, Green, Plant calderas – THE PRINCIPLES
THE PAPILLON SOURCE – EL4DEV, transnational collaborative multidisciplinary
engineering program

Principle 1

Producing 100% green energy using ferroelectric
materials and crystals (piezoelectricity). The various
devices are star-shaped. Energy is stored in super
capacitors, also star-connected.

Principle 2

Thanks to the energy produced beforehand and to a large
number of stones / rocks arranged in certain ways,
produce fresh water in very large quantities and
continuously by the principle of condensation by cooling in
particular a series of large metal plates. Size (2m * 1m)
under the dew point 24H / 24H.

The constantly produced fresh water allows the irrigation
of crops (giant bamboos, high canopy trees, forest
gardens in the form of circular groves), supplies artificial
lakes, canals (gullies), ecological swimming pools
(biological) and tanks for consumption and sanitary needs
in the city.


All wastewater is 100% recovered and treated in a 100%
natural way (passage of water through several natural
phyto-purification / phytoremediation basins before being
re-injected clear, filtered and energized in artificial lakes.
All the lakes of the city are interconnected by drains
(canals), so water is constantly circulating.