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Star mounting

Principle 3

Create a Transformative Agricultural-Climatic process
(100% natural geoengineering process, that is to say
cybernetic, without any negative impact on nature)
allowing the creation of a vast forest biotope (well-defined
geographical space containing a well-defined community
of 'living being) of humid tropical type and very rich in
biodiversity in less than 3 years.


Principle 4

Thanks to the 100% natural geoengineering process,
modify the climate on a local scale (create a humid
tropical climate) and enrich the soils to allow significant
reforestation with very high added value (integration of
multiple and complementary plant and animal species )
The energy produced allows the cooling of metal plates
under the dew point is done by the use of beta type
Stirling engines capable of generating instantaneous
cooling (down to -200 ° C) of the water (containing a
antifreeze) which circulates in a pipe in contact with
the plates.
Stirling engine

Principle 5

Electric power generation is also ensured by micro
solar power plants. They will supply energy to certain
infrastructures of the city (housing in particular).

The Agricultural Climatic Transformative process
incorporates the practice of 100% natural and
environmentally-friendly agriculture (highly sustainable).
This one is 100% organic, biodynamic, "Non-commercial"
and only for "Subsistence" with a 100% societal vocation