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100% ecological and magical hotel + Catering +
Indoor and outdoor aquatic pools (100%
ecological / organic swimming pools
maintained only by phyto-purification)


Educational fun visits / attractions for an
introduction to alternative, natural and efficient
farming techniques + Educational fun visits for
an introduction to alternative energy production


Provision of innovative, creative and atypical
solutions for individuals, schools, universities,
companies and special interest groups (for
business meetings, conferences, exhibitions,
seminars, exhibitions and summits) +
Organization of annual, seasonal or weekly
radiant events (art workshops, shows,
concerts, congresses, summits, conferences,
fairs, exhibitions, etc.)


Museum of exhibition of positive and
therapeutic art known as "vibratory art"
(unique place in the world, dedicated to art
therapy where positive artists gather together
who create and exhibit numerous vibratory
works of art (paintings, murals , sculptures,
engravings, etc.) + Fairy craftsmanship

The architecture of the city is highly fanciful and
strongly inspired by cities built by ancient, mysterious
and mythological civilizations (Persian and
Mesopotamian civilizations: Sumerian, Egyptian, Inca,
Mayan, Aztec and Atlantean) but also by contemporary
civilizations (Berber, Sudanese-Sahelian, South Asian).
It is also inspired by lunar architecture (multi-domed
architecture inspired by space missions).
It is organic, curved, aesthetic, low height and uses only
100% natural materials (earth fill and clay, sand, lime,
rock (limestone + granite), bamboo, etc. Wood is totally
prohibited). It is self-supporting (which allows rigidity
and durability). There are mainly domes, walls and

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rebalancing of electromagnetic energy or vital energy)

A visually appealing cuisine rich in taste
It is 100% vegetable and 100% raw using only biodynamic
products grown on site
Acid-base balance in the body (pH regulation): a 100%
vegetable diet effectively combats acidosis (pH decrease)
caused by the considerable and continuous increase in
acid absorbed via industrial food, air or water consumed.
In short

A 100% self-sufficient city :
There is no connection to the local electricity grid.
There is no connection to the sewer system or septic
The city produces its own water and its own energy.
The city produces its own food crops thanks in particular
to self-produced water.

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