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interconnection with others, educational programs (complementary to those of the States), the
promotion of local commercial, associative and cultural initiatives...
- “Le Papillon Source” neighborhoods : Eco-responsible type habitats can be added to the
communities with their agreement. These habitats will favor ecological and local materials,
natural isothermal energy, natural electricity (sun, wind, water) and recoverable water.
- “Act local / think global” education : This education will not replace State Public Education,
but will complement it. Programs devoted to the nature of the place, computers and modern
languages will be provided. Opportunities for professional careers in connection with SSE could
be developed in partnership with secondary and university establishments.
- Exploiting the potential of atypical profiles : Abandoned by the traditional economy,
atypical profiles nevertheless represent a strong untapped potential, of which the El4Dev
Program is fully aware. Their very specific skills could thus be used both in the development of
local initiatives and in the various aspects of the El4Dev Program and thus provide the technical
expertise necessary for the success of the Program and the informational enhancement of local
The El4Dev Program therefore intends to coordinate these social and solidarity initiatives
by interconnecting them through various tools based on these last 5 points. It also intends to
"archipelago" them, that is to say to place them at the same level of interest and interaction
with each other and to involve them actively in the Program. The "archipelago" of local
actors implies an effort led by the El4Dev Program on the means of communication.
In addition to the NICTs mentioned, the El4Dev Program intends to promote soft and nonpolluting mobility. Of course, cycle paths and forest paths are already being promoted all over the
world, thanks to the “ecological revolution”. The El4Dev Program does not intend to neglect the
rail with the arrival of hydrogen and even one day the air, when non-polluting energy sources will
be in circulation.
As a major player in SSE, the El4Dev Program therefore supports all local projects of SCOP, SCIC,
etc. which respond to SSE values (1 person = 1 vote; ecological, social and solidarity values) and
where, let us remember, humans must once again become the central element of their own

The 7 reasons to support the El4Dev Program

1. Support an economic model where people are at the center and in harmony with their