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The EL4DEV program at the heart of the revitalization of territories

The post-COVID "Next World" calls on each of us to redefine our living environment and human
relationships. After several centuries devoted to competitive production and its negative impact on
humans, other alternative development models are now gaining momentum, all with the objective of
placing humans back at the heart of controlled development, prioritizing local and short circuits,
guarantees of quality of production and enrichment of human interactions. Such initiatives are now
multiplying everywhere in the world which, ultimately, insert each local fact into a new shared global
As a major player in the social and solidarity economy (SSE), the El4Dev Program intends in its
work to bring together and encourage, by "arching" them, the greatest number of these local
initiatives, in order to give them, through the new information and communication
technologies (NICT), a global resonance.

1. People at the center of controlled development in harmony with the

People are now once again the central element, around which all new SSE initiatives revolve. In the
new alternative economic projects carried by the ESS, those linked to rurality play a large part, no
doubt in connection with the increased concern for environmental concerns. Among these we find :
- A return to non-productivist agriculture and breeding with limited livestock: Polyculture on
several small plots and diversified breeding, but with a reduced number of animals, would allow both food
self-sufficiency for agro-pastoralists and the sale of organic quality products on short circuits (markets,
grocery stores, cooperatives, etc.) and flexi-food.
- A reopening of shops, medical offices and a revitalization of village centers: They are the
heart of the life of the village community. At the center of social interactions, they also limit flows to cities
and, therefore, polluting transport.