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- An implementation of educational models linked to nature: Montessori primary schools or an
awareness of nature and rurality taught in primary school give additional richness, but also management
autonomy, to these unique places.
In the cities, peripheral districts take up all or part of the 3 points mentioned above. On the other
hand, the attraction for a return to traditional craftsmanship replaces that of the land. Reconnecting
with old manufacturing techniques that have disappeared and / or with old trades contributes to a
certain quality of life sought and to the revitalization of neighbourhoods.
The El4Dev Program intends to encourage these positive initiatives, by publicizing them and above all by
coordinating them to make them visible and appeal to others.

2. Opening up and revitalizing forgotten territories

All of these individual local initiatives all participate in opening up and revitalizing forgotten territories.
They all aim to stem the rural exodus, desertification and the death of territories marginalized by
capitals, regional metropolises and areas of strong economic vitality.
The El4Dev Program intends to fight against the desertification of territories and to be as close
as possible to local actors (regions, departments, cantons, intercommunalities and
municipalities), by supporting any project to revitalize a territory espousing the values of the

3. The interconnection and "archipelago" of alternative local initiatives

To do this, the El4Dev Program plans to interconnect and "archipelago" these alternative local
initiatives. In this, it can rely on original actors and innovative tools and ideas:
- The "principalities" and the free cities: The “principalities” are self-declared territories as
such and not recognized by the international community. The ideal of these territories is not to
aim for national or local independence, but to put forward a “special status” for the territory, so
as to make it a place of attraction for tourism and / or investment. Diverse and attract curious
and investors, all through local initiatives responding to the values of the SSE. The aim of the
free cities is the same, except that these latter territories, without any special status, can only be
recognized by the adherence of their inhabitants to the values of the SSE.
- IT applications to link together the local initiatives of these territories and make them
known elsewhere: The applications can be used for the management of local projects, their