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offering therapeutic and healing stays of 1 week "all
included" (Saturday to Saturday: 7 Days / 6 Nights) and
at low prices (accessible to both locals and foreign

Offer of therapeutic leisure and relaxation for physical
renewal (increase in vital energy: strong nutrient
supply + electromagnetic recharging, strong
contribution of positive vibrations) and psychological
(calm, stimuli of the state of meditation and creativity,
strong contribution of positive vibrations, art therapy)
as well as for intense rest, all leading to introspection
and personal development.

without external input. A city that imports is considered a
sick organism.

A bamboo grove (giant bamboos) in symbiosis with the
many food groves + other selected inedible pioneer
species form the vast forest biotope.



Functioning of the city as an international training
center (education of visitors through experimentation)
in alternative practices, new processes, real ecology, a
systemic approach to nature, the notion of
interdependence, etc.


Rapid creation of a vast high forest plant cover
(between 25 and 30 meters, in less than 3 years
for the slower species),
creation of a cool and humid micro climate
(thanks to the shade provided),
soil protection against wind erosion and water
runoff as well as UV ray burns,
fight against massive evaporation of water, soil
remediation and wastewater treatment,
great assimilation of carbon, production of oxygen,
improvement of water infiltration into the soil,
creation of circulating water bodies and
reinforcement of the banks,
reception of many species of migratory and
sedentary birds,
reception of bees and pollinating insects, etc.

The giant bamboos are inserted in a vast network of dug
galleries (canyons) 4 meters deep, located near the
groves. These bamboos provide constant freshness and
humidity, all of which acting as a natural cooling circuit to
the soil beneficial to crops.

Responsible tourism: ecotourism, fair and
solidarity tourism
Philosophical and spiritual tourism
Therapeutic and well-being tourism
(naturopathy: biodynamic therapy, lithotherapy,
phytotherapy, therapy by exposure to magnetic
fields, high frequency therapies)
Agricultural and scientific tourism
Business, events and educational tourism

Product / service offer of the parent Self-Managed
City :

Attractions / activities stimulating creativity,
optimism, understanding, letting go,
introspection, reflexivity and meditation +
Numerous activities for resourcing the body
and mind (sports activities, natural therapies...)

Principle 10

A bioenergetic restoration in the city - A 100% natural
restoration, highly detoxifying, highly revitalizing
(significant nutritional contribution and increase /