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Titre: EL4DEV self-managed Food Bank cities - Agricultural-Climatic and Tourism cities – Vegetable, Green, Plant calderas
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Self-managed Food Bank cities – Agricultural-Climatic and Tourism cities –
Vegetable, Green, Plant calderas – THE PRINCIPLES
THE PAPILLON SOURCE – EL4DEV, transnational collaborative multidisciplinary
engineering program

Principle 1

Producing 100% green energy using ferroelectric
materials and crystals (piezoelectricity). The various
devices are star-shaped. Energy is stored in super
capacitors, also star-connected.

Principle 2

Thanks to the energy produced beforehand and to a large
number of stones / rocks arranged in certain ways,
produce fresh water in very large quantities and
continuously by the principle of condensation by cooling in
particular a series of large metal plates. Size (2m * 1m)
under the dew point 24H / 24H.

The constantly produced fresh water allows the irrigation
of crops (giant bamboos, high canopy trees, forest
gardens in the form of circular groves), supplies artificial
lakes, canals (gullies), ecological swimming pools
(biological) and tanks for consumption and sanitary needs
in the city.


All wastewater is 100% recovered and treated in a 100%
natural way (passage of water through several natural
phyto-purification / phytoremediation basins before being
re-injected clear, filtered and energized in artificial lakes.
All the lakes of the city are interconnected by drains
(canals), so water is constantly circulating.

Star mounting

Principle 3

Create a Transformative Agricultural-Climatic process
(100% natural geoengineering process, that is to say
cybernetic, without any negative impact on nature)
allowing the creation of a vast forest biotope (well-defined
geographical space containing a well-defined community
of 'living being) of humid tropical type and very rich in
biodiversity in less than 3 years.


Principle 4

Thanks to the 100% natural geoengineering process,
modify the climate on a local scale (create a humid
tropical climate) and enrich the soils to allow significant
reforestation with very high added value (integration of
multiple and complementary plant and animal species )
The energy produced allows the cooling of metal plates
under the dew point is done by the use of beta type
Stirling engines capable of generating instantaneous
cooling (down to -200 ° C) of the water (containing a
antifreeze) which circulates in a pipe in contact with
the plates.
Stirling engine

Principle 5

Electric power generation is also ensured by micro
solar power plants. They will supply energy to certain
infrastructures of the city (housing in particular).

The Agricultural Climatic Transformative process
incorporates the practice of 100% natural and
environmentally-friendly agriculture (highly sustainable).
This one is 100% organic, biodynamic, "Non-commercial"
and only for "Subsistence" with a 100% societal vocation

Principle 6

The Agricultural Climatic Transformative process also
integrates the regeneration of damaged soils, massive
reforestation of the targeted areas, a very considerable
increase in plant and animal biodiversity, a local fight
against water stress, the creation of a botanical
conservatory, the creation of an ornithological park,

EL4DEV "societal" agriculture is provided by a vast
network of circular gardens-forests-sanctuaries (groves)
on the model of the 100% sustainable and self-regulated

The city will integrate from the start (phase of insertion
of the first plants) many species of birds. Thanks to
their songs at beneficial frequencies, their droppings
very rich in nitrogen and organic matter, their roles in
predating pest insects, and their synchronized wing
beats, these birds are essential links to the rapid
development of vegetation.

They are made up of 100% mixed crops (association and
succession of various crops in the same space for a
functional biodiversity) including orchards and market
gardeners (therefore no cereal crops: too much water and
space, not adapted to the man). These are only edible and
medicinal species (concept of the food forest: agriculture
copying the natural, efficient and self-regulated model of
the forest).

Principle 7

Self-production of food will be used for catering in
tourist cities but will also be used for free distribution
to local populations in need (food self-sufficiency and
sovereignty, fight against poverty). Another function is
the creation of conservatory orchards, conservatory
market gardeners of organic vegetables,
conservatories of natural seeds and conservatory

The products are all of wild strain and old varieties (that is
to say, non-hybrid: therefore not patented, having the
capacity to reproduce by generating their own seeds and
possessing nutritional values as well as a much higher
bioenergetic contribution. high). It is particularly produced
some super fruits / vegetables / plants (highly nutritious
and complete) + high quality honey.

Principle 8

The city: a place of protection against electromagnetic
waves harmful to man and nature
Bio resonance: artificial electromagnetic fields disturb
living organisms because the biological ecosystems of
these organisms also communicate by electromagnetic
micro-signals. Cells emit extremely weak signals,
which allow them to communicate with each other. The
hoop itself works with the help of intense electrical

Food production is done without artificial inputs
(fertilizers and phytosanitary treatments of any kind)
because plant protection is achieved through the
complementarity / interconnection of plant and animal
species (forest system).

Agricultural processes and techniques used :


Agroforestry (cultivating with trees),
Permaculture (systemic and holistic method of
designing human habitats and agricultural
Magneto culture,
Biodynamics - Consideration of telluric networks
(geobiology / dowsing),
Puncture sound (sending specific vibrations),
Use of terra preta (manually constituted soil rich
in carbon),
Use of crystals etc.

All constructions are carried out outside geopathogenic zones (following the study of the natural
electromagnetic waves of the land: geo-biological
studies of the soil).
Many crystals will be placed in various places of the

Biodynamic cities / complexes :
Principle 9

Creation of a vast 100% ecological tourist complex of a
new kind, with a societal and educational vocation
(Concept of Social & Sustainable Garden & Resort)

Biodynamic agriculture has two aspects: the spiritual and
the concrete. The farmer evolves in harmony with what
surrounds him. THE PAPILLON SOURCE cities are
considered "living organisms" capable of nourishing its
soils and feeding visitors and animals that are there

offering therapeutic and healing stays of 1 week "all
included" (Saturday to Saturday: 7 Days / 6 Nights) and
at low prices (accessible to both locals and foreign

Offer of therapeutic leisure and relaxation for physical
renewal (increase in vital energy: strong nutrient
supply + electromagnetic recharging, strong
contribution of positive vibrations) and psychological
(calm, stimuli of the state of meditation and creativity,
strong contribution of positive vibrations, art therapy)
as well as for intense rest, all leading to introspection
and personal development.

without external input. A city that imports is considered a
sick organism.

A bamboo grove (giant bamboos) in symbiosis with the
many food groves + other selected inedible pioneer
species form the vast forest biotope.



Functioning of the city as an international training
center (education of visitors through experimentation)
in alternative practices, new processes, real ecology, a
systemic approach to nature, the notion of
interdependence, etc.


Rapid creation of a vast high forest plant cover
(between 25 and 30 meters, in less than 3 years
for the slower species),
creation of a cool and humid micro climate
(thanks to the shade provided),
soil protection against wind erosion and water
runoff as well as UV ray burns,
fight against massive evaporation of water, soil
remediation and wastewater treatment,
great assimilation of carbon, production of oxygen,
improvement of water infiltration into the soil,
creation of circulating water bodies and
reinforcement of the banks,
reception of many species of migratory and
sedentary birds,
reception of bees and pollinating insects, etc.

The giant bamboos are inserted in a vast network of dug
galleries (canyons) 4 meters deep, located near the
groves. These bamboos provide constant freshness and
humidity, all of which acting as a natural cooling circuit to
the soil beneficial to crops.

Responsible tourism: ecotourism, fair and
solidarity tourism
Philosophical and spiritual tourism
Therapeutic and well-being tourism
(naturopathy: biodynamic therapy, lithotherapy,
phytotherapy, therapy by exposure to magnetic
fields, high frequency therapies)
Agricultural and scientific tourism
Business, events and educational tourism

Product / service offer of the parent Self-Managed
City :

Attractions / activities stimulating creativity,
optimism, understanding, letting go,
introspection, reflexivity and meditation +
Numerous activities for resourcing the body
and mind (sports activities, natural therapies...)

Principle 10

A bioenergetic restoration in the city - A 100% natural
restoration, highly detoxifying, highly revitalizing
(significant nutritional contribution and increase /


100% ecological and magical hotel + Catering +
Indoor and outdoor aquatic pools (100%
ecological / organic swimming pools
maintained only by phyto-purification)


Educational fun visits / attractions for an
introduction to alternative, natural and efficient
farming techniques + Educational fun visits for
an introduction to alternative energy production


Provision of innovative, creative and atypical
solutions for individuals, schools, universities,
companies and special interest groups (for
business meetings, conferences, exhibitions,
seminars, exhibitions and summits) +
Organization of annual, seasonal or weekly
radiant events (art workshops, shows,
concerts, congresses, summits, conferences,
fairs, exhibitions, etc.)


Museum of exhibition of positive and
therapeutic art known as "vibratory art"
(unique place in the world, dedicated to art
therapy where positive artists gather together
who create and exhibit numerous vibratory
works of art (paintings, murals , sculptures,
engravings, etc.) + Fairy craftsmanship

The architecture of the city is highly fanciful and
strongly inspired by cities built by ancient, mysterious
and mythological civilizations (Persian and
Mesopotamian civilizations: Sumerian, Egyptian, Inca,
Mayan, Aztec and Atlantean) but also by contemporary
civilizations (Berber, Sudanese-Sahelian, South Asian).
It is also inspired by lunar architecture (multi-domed
architecture inspired by space missions).
It is organic, curved, aesthetic, low height and uses only
100% natural materials (earth fill and clay, sand, lime,
rock (limestone + granite), bamboo, etc. Wood is totally
prohibited). It is self-supporting (which allows rigidity
and durability). There are mainly domes, walls and

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rebalancing of electromagnetic energy or vital energy)

A visually appealing cuisine rich in taste
It is 100% vegetable and 100% raw using only biodynamic
products grown on site
Acid-base balance in the body (pH regulation): a 100%
vegetable diet effectively combats acidosis (pH decrease)
caused by the considerable and continuous increase in
acid absorbed via industrial food, air or water consumed.
In short

A 100% self-sufficient city :
There is no connection to the local electricity grid.
There is no connection to the sewer system or septic
The city produces its own water and its own energy.
The city produces its own food crops thanks in particular
to self-produced water.

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Written by Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART

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