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Principle 8

The city: a place of protection against electromagnetic
waves harmful to man and nature
Bio resonance: artificial electromagnetic fields disturb
living organisms because the biological ecosystems of
these organisms also communicate by electromagnetic
micro-signals. Cells emit extremely weak signals,
which allow them to communicate with each other. The
hoop itself works with the help of intense electrical

Food production is done without artificial inputs
(fertilizers and phytosanitary treatments of any kind)
because plant protection is achieved through the
complementarity / interconnection of plant and animal
species (forest system).

Agricultural processes and techniques used :


Agroforestry (cultivating with trees),
Permaculture (systemic and holistic method of
designing human habitats and agricultural
Magneto culture,
Biodynamics - Consideration of telluric networks
(geobiology / dowsing),
Puncture sound (sending specific vibrations),
Use of terra preta (manually constituted soil rich
in carbon),
Use of crystals etc.

All constructions are carried out outside geopathogenic zones (following the study of the natural
electromagnetic waves of the land: geo-biological
studies of the soil).
Many crystals will be placed in various places of the

Biodynamic cities / complexes :
Principle 9

Creation of a vast 100% ecological tourist complex of a
new kind, with a societal and educational vocation
(Concept of Social & Sustainable Garden & Resort)

Biodynamic agriculture has two aspects: the spiritual and
the concrete. The farmer evolves in harmony with what
surrounds him. THE PAPILLON SOURCE cities are
considered "living organisms" capable of nourishing its
soils and feeding visitors and animals that are there