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Titre: The EL4DEV Confederation
Auteur: Paul Elvere DELSART

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The EL4DEV Confederation

Imagine an extraordinary roleplay game where an infinite number of people from around the world participate online and
in events in their communities. It's a unique and transformative game where players become social reformers, working
to build a powerful global societal empire.
The context of the game is our rapidly changing world, urging collective awareness. The idea is to rethink our
civilization, sow the seeds of radical change, and build a new philosophical tradition for an ethical international
The game operates as follows:
1. Objective: You are responsible for developing the "Green Empire of the East and the West" (also called the
EL4DEV Confederation), aiming to create a balanced and prosperous civilization.
2. Process: Use the international participatory program "EL4DEV" to change society, involving mechanisms of
cooperation between communities and nations.
3. Infrastructures: Develop specific structures, such as the "Le Papillon Source" agro-climatic infrastructures, to
bring players from around the world together.
4. Cooperation: Engage in cooperative mechanisms, such as "The Municipalities Counter-attack" and
"Transnational Intellectual and Artistic Cooperation Initiatives."
5. Computer Tools: Use interconnected tools, like the EL4DEV Information System and EL4DEV Web TV, to
facilitate actions at different levels.
6. Rules and Scenario: Game rules and a transmedia scenario are provided by EL4DEV editions, with online
publications and international media.
7. Player-Actors: Each participant embodies their character, contributing to the "Second EL4DEV Renaissance
Movement" and acting as a builder of the Empire.
8. Organizer: Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART, as the founder of the Empire, guides players toward the common
In summary, it's a one-of-a-kind Live-Action Role-Playing game (LARP), blending fiction and reality, to construct a new
empire and promote global cooperation. Participants have the power to change the world by becoming actors in the
"Second EL4DEV Renaissance Movement."

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