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The infrastructures labeled
tools of a new forest governance
by Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART
Within the Green Empire of the East and the West, new
forests rich in biodiversity are being shaped by practices
such as the edible forest-garden (Permaculture technique)
and Terra Preta (black soil carbon-rich containing large
amounts of charcoal). The edible forest garden is the art of
imitating forest development with edible species to return
to the Garden of Eden and achieve food self-sufficiency.
In the Green Empire of the East and the West, we create
forests rich in biodiversity and very mainly edible from
Polycultures (orchards and market gardeners) then we
transform the natural forests of the whole world into food
forests by the sowing of very many edible, fruit and honey
plant species in existing ecosystems.
The thought is that nature is much more productive than
the extensive agriculture practiced in the previous era,
and the natural state of the earth is the forest. Through
this process, the Green Empire of the East and the West
achieves and maintains food self-sufficiency throughout
the world and dramatically increases biodiversity.
The object is therefore to progressively "terraform" the
planet, transforming it into a forest planet (reaching a
forest plant cover of 90% of the world's land area), a bit
like the moon of Endor in the STAR WARS fiction
universe. This area is very important knowing that 4
centuries preceding this new era, 66% of the land was
covered with forest. The century before this one, this area
had fallen to only 30%.