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EL4DEV program press release N°1

Faced with global challenges, this Frenchman creates a new supranational organization imbued with the ideology of

Paris, 07/26/2021 - The political, environmental and even societal challenges that we face today lead us to put our
lifestyles into perspective. Because one thing is certain: we are all able to act, on our own scale, to create the future we
want to see emerge. Guided by a common interest, by putting aside this destructive individualism which characterizes all
too well our current ways of doing things, we will be able to realize great projects.
So how can we change our societal model, so that it becomes more ethical, more balanced and fairer, centered on
common aspirations rather than on submission to enslaving policies? This is exactly the question that Paul Elvere Valérien
DELSART asked himself.
And his response was highly innovative: by setting up a massively multiplayer and realistic game, he wants to lead us
all to build what he calls the Green Empire of the East and the West, a new civilization that has never yet nothing

The EL4DEV Confederation, a concept based on a simple observation
Anyone today can see that our society is about to change. Indeed, we are on the brink. And we can see that the
issues of our time go beyond individual policies. They have a supranational character.
This is where we need to be able to take comprehensive decisions that are effective and part of a common drive for
all. Personal and individualistic interests must be able to be supplanted by a common orientation. And this therefore
involves both education and the pooling of talents, skills and technologies, without forgetting the construction of global
policies inspired by those of micronations. There is no doubt about the community of our destinies, so it is hand in hand
that we must move forward.
Thanks to this common will, it will then become possible to make things change, and to think of a world civil
society centered on noble values. Empathy, sharing, respect, listening, faith ... are so many keystones.

Concrete programs
The world today needs to see us move, in order to evolve positively. This world, on which Paul Elvere Valérien
DELSART is based, is therefore based on fundamental pillars. Whether it is the development of multidisciplinary engineering
projects, work on the environmental issues we face today, a return to spirituality, the promotion of social peace, the
equitable sharing of wealth among all or even a unified political program, his ambitions are great.

An innovative role-playing game to rewrite the world

Like the much-loved Age of Empires, the EL4DEV Confederation is therefore a massively multiplayer game, usable
both online and offline, and in which we can bring an ideal empire to life. It is also characterized by the absence of time
or space limits. Making each of us citizens of this great Green Empire of the East and the West, he makes us an actor of
change, by employing levers that are within our practical reach. For this, it also relies on a set of resources and supports.
But beyond a captivating playful aspect, Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART is therefore aiming for a real overhaul of
current models through the EL4DEV Confederation. Because the initiatives that we will take in the game will have
repercussions on our lifestyles… Let us therefore choose innovative change, with EL4DEV!

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Press contact
Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART
+33 06 41 37 87 08

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