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Nom original: EL4DEV confederation - press release 2.pdf
Titre: The Green Empire of the East and the West - press release 2
Auteur: Paul Elvere Valerien DELSART

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EL4DEV program press release N°2

This Frenchman has proclaimed himself "The Green Emperor of the East and the West" - His vision and program will
amaze you!

It is with the objective of providing an effective and proportionate solution to this global crisis and then gradually reforming
the system which turns out to be obsolete that Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART, officially proclaims, on Friday May 21, 2021
in Léognan, Nouvelle-Aquitaine in France , the "EL4DEV Confederation" otherwise called "Green Empire of the East and the
West", a new supranational entity with a societal vocation and becomes de facto the Green Emperor of the East and the
West "Elvere 1st".

He thus inaugurated the birth of an ecological, intellectual, artistic and highly enterprising empire :
- Integrating all the nations of East, West, North and South
- Bearing an innovative vision, guided by moral philosophy and acting for a global unification under the banner of
- Articulated around magnificent cities and experimental plant complexes interconnected on all continents
- Presenting itself as a massively multi-user real-time strategy game (“AGE OF EMPIRES” or “CIVILIZATION” type) But not virtual!

The Green Empire of the East and the West is imbued with the ideology of micronations, i.e. micro-states created from
scratch (alter-states) around the world by individuals seceding virtually and symbolically aiming to be recognized for some
and to revitalize their territories for others.

The EL4DEV Confederation or Green Empire of the East and the West, however, is not a micronation. It presents itself as
an international organization with the vocation of supporting all peoples and nations around the world.

It is a social alternative to the current United Nations (UN).

The EL4DEV confederation is based on the participatory social engineering program named "EL4DEV" which is at the same
time a social, economic, cultural and political vision of emancipation and empowerment of peoples then a movement /
mechanism which aims to unify them in a world community respectful of all life.

Become all active citizen-members of the Green Empire of the East and the West.

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Press contact
Paul Elvere Valérien DELSART
+33 06 41 37 87 08


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