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There’s only room in this band for one hysterical Queen.
A Bohemian Rhapsody/Queen slash blog. Everything here is completely fictional which includes
fictional versions of the people portrayed/mentioned. This blog contains NSFW adult 18+
content. KyluxFicHell on Ao3.





Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF/mazlek, I love all the ficlets with their first baby, especially the ones
showing them having fun in the water (the beach, pool, etc.) Can we see a ficlet
of like Joe holding their happy baby in the bath while Rami takes pictures?

“Look at daddy, JJ!” Joe coos, planting a sloppy kiss on his baby’s chubby cheek.
JJ gurgles happily as Joe turns the boy in the water to face Rami, who quickly snaps a few
photos on his phone.
“You love the bubbles, don’t you?” Joe grins, scooping up some bubbles to place them on top
of JJ’s head in a big soggy lump.
JJ laughs delightedly at that, clapping his tiny chubby hands together while Rami takes some
more photos, before Joe carefully washes the bubbles away with a small pot of water.
“There we go,” Joe says softly, kissing JJ’s nose. “Nice and clean, huh?”
Rami reaches forward to stroke his son’s wet hair. “Looks like you’re gonna be ginger like
your mom.”
“The ginger gene is unbeatable,” Joe says proudly, lifting the baby out of the bath while Rami
fetches a towel. “Sorry to break it to you, but all our kids are gonna be ginger.”
“All?” Rami says with a smile as he starts to dry JJ off with the towel.
“Well yeah. You didn’t think we were stopping at one, right?”
“Absolutely not.”
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sweet-symphony0 asked:
Okay, I can’t get this out of my head but I’m just picturing SOMFT Mazlek-Joe
presenting Rami with the outstanding performer of the year award at the SBIFF
as his SUB?! (If you haven’t seen that speech go watch it, it’s PEAK Mazlek
content) like Rami would be so proud that he’s receiving an award from his sub
but also that since he got to choose the presenter he pushed Joe to do it and the
film festival actually said yes! Just picture that speech, it’s already so loving but
as Dom/sub?? Omg ?

I actually haven’t seen it but OMG I love this!!! It would mean so much to Rami to have Joe
present an award to him. And it would be such a big moment to see a sub do the presentation
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF: would Gwil and Rami get shit for being close to one another? Sorry
if it’s already been asked!

Things are a little better at the time of SOMOTF so most people wouldn’t be bothered by two
Doms spending lots of time together and being close (although of course there are those who
are dicks about it). It’s something that would probably be picked up on more around the time
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Anonymous asked:
Can we get some SOMOTF Harlee with their babies?

If someone had asked Gwil ten years ago if he ever thought he’d end up with four children,
he would have laughed.
Yet here he is, collapsed on the sofa after a tiring day at the beach, with four small people
draped across his and Ben’s laps, snoring softly.
“Your beach idea was amazing,” Ben yawns. “They’ll be out all night.”
Gwil grins and strokes Max’s hair. “I do occasionally have good ideas.”
As his eyes sleepily meet Ben’s, Gwil can’t help but feel utterly content. His family is happy
and safe, and even though he knows he’ll probably be woken in the early hours of the
morning by four energetic voices, he wouldn’t change a thing.
harlee standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
joe telling rami that’s his pregnant? maybe rami had a rough day on set

There are very few days where Rami hates his job.
Today is one of those days though.
By the time he gets home he still feels chilled to his bones, frozen from spending six hours
reshooting the same scene in a swimming pool.
But he instantly feels warmer when he sees Joe curled up under a blanket on the sofa.
“Hey,” Rami says softly, smiling for the first time that day as he drops a kiss onto Joe’s hair.
“Feeling better?”
“A little,” Joe says with a warm smile, pulling Rami down to sit with him. “Might need to
visit the doc though.”
Rami frowns. “You think?”
“Uh-huh. I’m pregnant.”
Rami blinks, taking in the excited look on Joe’s face. “You’re kidding.”
“Nope. I’m knocked up.”
Rami squeezes Joe’s hand, thoughts of the pool long forgotten. “You’re not shitting me?”
“I’m not shitting you,” Joe laughs. “You’re gonna be a dad.”
Rami laughs too, and then he’s pulling his sub in for a kiss and holding him close as he
decides he’ll never complain about his job again.
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Anonymous asked:
joe finding out his pregnant in somotf?

Joe smiles at the white stick in his hand.
He’s pregnant.
He’s pregnant.
There’s so many people he needs to tell. Rami. His mom. His brother, his sister. John.
He’s tempted to text everyone immediately, but he knows he needs to tell Rami in person. His
Dom won’t be home for a few more hours, so it will be a long wait.
He rests a hand on his stomach and grins again.
mazlek mpreg standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF/IBTYF A bit after Ben & Joe have their babies, Joe and Rami are in
London visiting Ben & Gwil. I would love to see the once in blue moon sub
time between Ben, Joe, Roger, and John. The older subs making them feel
fantastic about their post baby bodies. Hi yes it's me, the annoying anon
obsessed with the post baby bod asks! I had my first one at 17 & my second at
now at 23. At its a whole different world bouncing back at 23 than 17. I rely on
my fiancee & friends for my self confidence ?

I love the post baby bod asks your body has done incredible things honey and I’m sure your
fiancée and friends remind you how beautiful you are ?
“I haven’t had a chance to go to the gym yet,” Joe laughs nervously as he steps out of his
He sucks in his stomach a little, painfully aware of how tubby his tummy is. He just feels
so…big. Everything feels huge. His tummy, his thighs, his ass.
“I barely had time to breathe when my children were born,” John chuckles, pulling Joe into
his arms. “Let alone go to the gym.”
Joe smiles and leans in for a kiss, relaxing a little as he presses his body against John’s.
“You look beautiful,” John says softly, his eyes sweeping down Joe’s body. “You look like a
mother. Freddie used to say there’s nothing more beautiful than a mother.”
That sparks something warm in Joe’s chest, and he glances over to where Roger is gently
kissing over the stretch marks on Ben’s tummy.
“You’re both gorgeous,” Roger agrees. “Any worries you have about your bodies right now- I
can guarantee you both Deaky and I have had them before. And look at us. We’re both still
pretty hot.”
John laughs and blushes at that, but Joe pulls the older sub in for another kiss.
“He’s right,” Joe grins. “You look amazing. I can’t believe you’ve had three children
John smiles warmly. “I used to worry about my body a lot after I had my children. Giving
birth and chestfeeding takes its toll. But I had my Dom and my best friends to remind me that
the stretch marks and extra fat was all part of what made me beautiful.”
“We’re hot mamas!” Ben giggles, his face already flushed.
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Anonymous asked:
rami saying something cheesy like “and id like to thank joe, the mother of my
the greatest prize in my life... our son jj” in every reward speech he gives

Obvs Rami gushes about Joe and JJ in every single award speech/interview because he
honestly believes they are a big part of his success
standing on my own two feet mpreg
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Anonymous asked:
If I remember correctly, joe was pregnant with JJ(I think that’s his name?)
during the BoRhap press tour and rami didn’t claim joe until after the oscars. Is
there a stigma around babies being born before claiming (like being born out of

JJ was an oops baby ?
Yes there is a bit of stigma around babies being born before claiming (more so at the time of
IBTYF than the present day)- it’s talked about in the press a lot but most people are very
happy and supportive
standing on my own two feet mpreg
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Anonymous asked:
joe thinking sami is rami by accident early on in their claiming, like imagine
baby brain, tiredness of alcohol kicks in and his suddenly just guessing if that is
his rami or not (somotf)

Maybe he’s feeling subby and just wants to sit at Rami’s feet but ends up tiredly sitting down
in front of Sami instead, and then when Rami walks in the room Joe is super embarrassed ?
standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
(6) “For now,” Rami says, holding Joe close. “You’re going to tell me the name
of that director and then go get yourself comfortable. Go eat something and I’ll
be right there to cuddle. Sound good?” Joe blushes, managing a small smile.

His first smile all day. “Sounds good, master.” ——— This is was stuck in my
head all day and I HAD to get it out. I’m sorry for the delay! I love this pairing
and this world you’ve written so much, I’m obsessed. You’re such a fantastic

Thank you so much for sharing anon! This was so beautifully written- I always love when
people send in little ficlets
Standing On My Own Two Feet
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Anonymous asked:
(5) “okay, baby,” Rami shushes him then, kissing his temple, and not for the
first time, Joe thinks he has the most incredible Dom. “I’m proud of you for
standing up for yourself, I know that wasn’t an easy situation. Why don’t we go
have a cuddle for a bit? Just relax, and you can think of a reward for tonight.”
He winks at Joe’s look of surprise. “You were so strong and brave, of course
I’m giving you a reward.” He tugs Joe into a hug, and Joe buries his face in
Rami’s collarbone.

Rami you babe
Standing On My Own Two Feet
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Anonymous asked:
(4) “and I left,” Joe says shakily, and his face looks miserable. “I just thought-I
thought we were past that? God forbid I think subs should be able to be dressed
decently. And get a part for talent.” He’s snapping and knows he shouldn’t be,
especially in front of his Dom, but Rami says nothing about it, instead stroking
Joe’s knuckles with his thumb, letting Joe rant with silent rage in his eyes. “For
fuck’s sake-” He stops then, wiping at his tears as they start up again. “I’m so

Standing On My Own Two Feet
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Anonymous asked:
(3) “And then,” Joe squeezes his eyes shut, trembling, and Rami takes his hand,
silently running his thumb over the knuckles. “They told me-” Joe swallows,
unable to look his Dom in the eye. “The director told me I had the part if I
sucked him off in the bathroom.” “Excuse me?!” Rami spits out furiously,
clenching his jaw. “That fucking-Joe, baby, you never should have to deal with
that. Who was this?” “I told him no, obviously,” Joe whispers, but he’s tearing
up again.

JOE ?￰゚リᆳ
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Anonymous asked:
comes sprinting down the hall, panic written all over his features, though he
calms down for Joe’s sake once he sees his sub. “Baby? Hey,” he cooed gently,
cupping Joe’s face, thumbing away tears. “Hey, I’m here. Did someone hurt
you? What’s happened?” Joe tries to contain his tears desperately to no avail.
“Well the audition sucked, and then they made me strip for it-” “They what?!”
“I’m used to that,” Joe sighs glumly.

YES HERE WE GO- thank you anon
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Anonymous asked:

somotf: post pregnancy joe is a lightweight and gets drunk at the oscars and
misidentifies sami for rami

LOL like he’s literally hanging off Sami’s arm like “take me home now, Master”, and Sami’s
just like “err…Rami!!!”
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Anonymous asked:
heavily pregnant joe during borap press having so much sub time with roger,
john and ben?

Joe is basically spoiled throughout the press tour. It’s hard work but he gets baths and cuddles
every day with Ben, and on the rare times Roger and John join them, Joe gets to be in the
middle of a big cuddle pile
Mpreg Standing On My Own Two Feet
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Anonymous asked:
somotf: is joe pregnant during the borap press or is jason already born

Joe is pregnant during the press tour
standing on my own two feet mpreg
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Anonymous asked:
thinking of somotf rami being absolute heart eyed about sub joe post pacific

and talking non stop about him to dom sami... who basically tells him to make a
move (and his probably super hyped in 2017 WHEN HE FINALLY DOES!!)

Love this! Like Rami is constantly showing Sami photos of Joe and pointing him out when
they’re watching The Pacific together, and Sami’s like “yeah man, he’s cute, you should
totally date him”. And then in 2017 Sami is the first one Rami tells about his relationship with
Joe and later the claiming.
standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
just realised that ben and joe would be pregnant at the same time (unless by
some miracle joe/ben gives birth january 2021 and the other sub gets pregnant
just after giving birth october/november/december 2021 (o hope not i want
pregnant sub time fluff)

Yep- their pregnancies do overlap ? they don’t get regular sub time together because they live
in different countries, but whenever they do see each other there’s lot of fluffy sub time and
Rami and Gwil basically retreat to a bar/pub to give them some space.
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Anonymous asked:
Mazlek -SOMOTF. Joe decides to keep directing movies but no one really
takes him seriously because subs don't usually fit in any position of power since
"they lack the sense of leadership". Rami joins the project, because he wants to
work with him and also give the project some relevance as an award winner.
How do you think he would deal with his sub directing him or giving him
"orders" in public? And how would Joe deal with the situation? Thanks!

Rami would have no problem taking orders from Joe in a professional capacity. He respects
the position of the director, regardless of whether they’re a Dom or sub, plus he knows what

an amazing director Joe is and trusts his judgement. He’s a real role model for others on set
too. Joe isn’t used to giving his Dom orders, and it takes him a little while to build his
confidence, but having Rami there really helps him. Rami is super respectful and doesn’t let
their personal relationship get in the way of their professional relationship.
standing on my own two feet mazlek
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Anonymous asked:
Omg after all these all dark verse! asks my heart hurts ? is it okay if I ask for
some rami/joe fluff where Joe likes stealing Rami’s hoodies because of his
dom’s scent? And Rami pretends to be all bothered but he actually LOVES it. I
miss them and love them ?

“Stealing my hoodies again?” Rami chuckles as he searches the kitchen for coffee. “Am I
gonna have to punish you for not doing your laundry again?”
Joe gives his Dom a sweet smile. “No, Master. Just love wearing your stuff.”
Rami doesn’t really have a problem with it. Especially not when Joe is wearing nothing but
one of Rami’s hoodies and his boxer-briefs. The Dom in him feels smugly possessive to see
Joe in his hoodie, and it makes him want to bend Joe over the kitchen table and pull those
tight little briefs down.
In fact, he might just do that.
mazlek standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
somotf mazlek- I humbly request anything from the vault with them and baby

“Baby,” Rami says with a frown, gazing down at their son. “What exactly is JJ supposed to be
dressed as?”
“He’s a Christmas pudding!” Joe says excitedly. “Doesn’t he look cute?”
Jason gurgles and sneezes, drooling a little down his Christmas pudding costume.
“Er…yeah. He’s cute, but it’s just hard to tell he’s a pudding. He almost looks like a little tu-“
“Do not say turd. Our baby does not look like a turd. This outfit was a gift from Brian, Roger
and John. It arrived last week. I promised I’d put up some photos of JJ wearing it on Insta.”
“Baby’s first Christmas,” Rami chuckles. “We’ll show him these photos in a few years and
blame Queen for the outfit.”

standing on my own two feet mazlek mpreg
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Anonymous asked:
somotf- a scene with Dom Rami fingering sub Joe as a reward? Filming was
exhausting for Joe but he pushed through it, and you know Rami would be so
pleased with him.

Joe knows he’s supposed to stay in position.
But what Rami is doing to him right now is pure magic and he’s afraid he’s about to collapse
at any moment.
“Well done, baby,” Rami praises, scissoring his lubed fingers inside Joe gently. “You’re doing
so good. Lying here with your legs open, letting me finger your ass…absolutely perfect.”
“Thank you, Master.” Joe swallows and spreads his legs wider.
Rami grins. “Let’s go a little deeper…since you’ve been so good.”
standing on my own two feet mazlek
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Anonymous asked:
I kinda HC that bubba Freddie was born around the time BoRhap started
filming so can we get some of John gushing about his new grandbaby to Joe
Ben and Roger during sub time?

“This is him wearing the onesie I bought for him,” John says proudly, flicking to the next
photo on his phone.
Joe grins at the picture of a tiny chubby baby wearing a yellow onesie with a duck on the
front. “Very cute.”
“And here’s me holding him at the hospital.”
“He’s gorgeous, John,” Ben says softly. “You must be a very proud grandma.”
“Definitely. I can’t wait to see him again,” John says excitedly. “He’s a wonderfully good
baby. Barely fussy at all.”
“You’d think the novelty would wear off after the first couple of grandkids,” Roger laughs,
“but Deaky loves his cuddles with the grandbabies.”
John chuckles. “You’re just jealous because I’ve overtaken you in the grandchildren
“Yeah yeah. It’s not my fault your submissive son is so damn fertile. Maybe I can persuade
Liam to have another.”

Joe glances at Ben and wonders if maybe this will be them one day, bickering over who has
the most grandchildren.
It’s a nice dream to have.
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Anonymous asked:
Ben joe john and rogers's sub time!! Ben joe john and roger's sub time!!!

Joe grips onto the wall for support, because he’s pretty sure his knees are about to buckle.
He opens his eyes and gazes down at the three submissives on their knees before him, giving
him the most incredible blowjob of his life. Ben is sucking Joe’s cock enthusiastically as John
and Roger mouth at his balls, and he’s pretty sure he’s about to come.
“Stop,” Joe says breathlessly. “Oh my god, you guys. You’re fucking amazing.”
Ben pulls off of Joe’s cock and smiles up at him. “What next then? This is your night.”
“I need some water,” Joe chuckles. “Need to hydrate. Why don’t you guys go to the bedroom
and start without me?”
He watches as Ben helps the two older subs to their feet, and the three of them giggle at him
before retreating into the bedroom. Joe lets his eyes momentarily dip to fix on their bare
He takes a few minutes to compose himself in the kitchen, chugging a glass of water as his
heart pounds. His fingers brush over the collar at his neck. It’s been a crazy few days. He’s
finally been claimed by Rami, and now he’s spending his sub night with his best friend and
two rock stars.
When he makes it back to the bedroom, his cock hardens at the sight that greets him. There
are a variety of sex toys spread out across the bed and floor- some are his own which he’d
laid out earlier in anticipation of tonight, but there are a few he doesn’t recognise.
Roger and Ben are already lost in each other on one side of the bed, with Ben bouncing
happily in the older sub’s lap.
John is lying on his back on his own, his face flushed as he works a vibrator inside himself.
“Having fun?” Joe grins as he climbs onto the bed beside John.
“It’ll be even more fun now you’re here,” John chuckles.
Joe leans down to brush their lips together. “Want something a little warmer inside you?”
“Yes, please,” John whispers, kissing Joe’s ear.
It only takes Joe a few seconds to roll a condom on and lube himself up, and then he’s
hitching John’s thighs up on his hips and pushing inside the older sub gently.
It’s been a long time since Joe has topped, and while he’s never really enjoyed it with a Dom,
it’s something he loves to do during sub time. John is tight and warm, and Joe nudges their
noses together as he bottoms out.
“Now, didn’t Brian ask me to fuck the cheekiness out of you?” Joe grins.
“Not sure what cheekiness he was talking about,” John purrs, rolling his hips.
“Still gonna fuck you,” Joe laughs.
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“Don’t get your hopes up too much, baby,” Rami says softly. “I’m sure they’re probably very busy.”
Joe shrugs as he licks the envelope. “I know. Just thought it would be nice to send them an
He doesn’t want to tell Rami how much he really wants them to come. How much he’s been
fantasising about it.
Like Rami said, he shouldn’t get his hopes up.
It takes a while to get a reply.
The RSVPs start coming in two days after Joe sends out the invitations, but it takes nearly two
weeks to receive theirs.
London is a long way away, after all.
But Joe receives a response in the form of a text three days before the formal acceptance arrives in
the mail.
You finally set a date- congratulations! We’ll be there :) -JRM
Joe can barely contain his excitement, even though the ceremony isn’t for another ten months, and
quickly grabs his seating chart to slot in three extra guests.
It comes round quickly though.
As a boy, Joe would never have dreamed that he would look out into the crowd of his loved ones on
his claiming day, and see the faces of the surviving members of Queen smiling back at him.
Brian is dressed in a smart suit and is sat between the two submissives, who are both dressed in
traditional robes, and Joe has never felt happier to see them.
He can’t believe they’re actually here.
They find him during a quiet moment at the reception, and Joe nearly cries with happiness.
“I can’t believe you’re really here!” Joe says excitedly, pulling John into a hug.
“It’s good to see you again, Joe,” John says softly. “Congratulations.”
Rami comes over to give Brian a hug, and to press a gentle kiss to Roger’s and John’s knuckles.
“Congratulations to you both,” Brian says warmly. “We’re very happy for you.”
“We bought you a gift, Joe.” John presents Joe with a small box, which the younger sub thanks
them for and opens carefully.
It’s a fucking diamond necklace.

“It’s a fucking diamond necklace,” Joe blurts out, apologising when Rami gently scolds him. “Oh
my god. I don’t know what to say.”
“It’s traditional in England to give diamonds to a sub on their claiming day,” John says with a smile.
“Thank you. Thank you so much. You’re all the best.” Joe gives each of them a hug, before looking
at John and Roger hopefully. “As it’s my claiming day, I was wondering if I could ask you guys one
more favour. But you can totally say no.”
“Depends what it is,” Roger chuckles.
“Okay, so in the US it’s traditional for a sub to have a night of sub time with those closest to them
the night after their claiming day. At the moment I’m just spending my sub night with Ben, but
I’d love it if you guys could join us.”
There’s a pause, and then the older subs smile at him before Roger bats his eyes at his Dom.
“Please, Master,” Roger says sweetly. “It’s a very special night for Joe.”
“It’ll be good for us, sir,” John adds with a cheeky smile. “Ben and Joe might teach us a new trick
or two.”
Brian chuckles and rolls his eyes playfully. “Do you see what I have to deal with, Rami? Aren’t you
glad you only have one sub to look after? But very well, permission granted. Joe, my submissives
are yours for the night. And darlings, you’re to be on your best behaviour as guests in Rami and
Joe’s home.”
“I’m not gonna be there,” Rami chuckles, “but now I kinda wish I was.”
He even winks at John, who blushes and bursts into giggles with Roger when they catch each
other’s eye. It makes Joe think of the time when Rami had playfully winked at John on set one day
in the presence of John’s oldest son, who had made his feelings on that kind of behaviour very clear
to Rami.
“My queens have already had too much champagne,” Brian stage-whispers to the young couple.
“Joe, make sure you or Ben fuck the cheekiness out of these two please.”
“Ooh, yes please!” Roger cackles.
“Let’s get you two sobered up a little,” Brian sighs. “Rami, Joe, congratulations again. Come,
Joe watches as the three older men disappear into the crowd, feeling as though he’s just woken up
from a dream.
He’s standing beside his new legal Dom holding a diamond necklace, and Brian May has just given
him permission to spend his sub night with John Mercury and Roger May.
Best. Day. Ever.

i belong to you forever standing on my own two feet mazlek
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF- Rami walked in to find Joe on his knees. “Hey baby,” Rami said
gently, catching sight of Joe’s glum face. “What’s wrong?”

“The audition didn’t go well,” Joe mumbles, glancing up at his Dom through his lashes.
Rami cups the sub’s face. “Did anyone treat you badly?”
“No, Master. Everyone was great. I was just terrible.”
“I’m sure that’s not true, baby. You know how talented I think you are.”
Joe still looks utterly miserable.
Rami smiles softly. “Why don’t you go and undress, huh? I’ll turn the heat up in here and I’ll
see if I can find your leash. Then we can maybe watch a crappy movie together?”
Joe’s lips twitch into a small smile. “Sounds good, Master.”
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Anonymous asked:
somotf mazlek; I just always like to pop in now and then and ask for any
ficlet/scrap you have of those two and their first baby

“We need to do another one; he blinked.”
Rami sighs and shifts JJ on his lap. “Baby, we’ve taken like fifty photos.”
“Yeah but he keeps blinking!” Joe exclaims. “He looks adorable in this outfit and we need a
good photo of him to send to Gwil and Ben, since they’re the ones who bought it for him.”
“C’mon, JJ,” Rami says softly, bouncing the baby on his lap. “Look at mommy.”
JJ gurgles a little, but he keeps his eyes open long enough for Joe to snap a photo.
Joe grins, and immediately uploads the photo of his son in an elf onesie onto Instagram.
@joe_malek JJ’s first Christmas! #MerryChristmas
standing on my own two feet mazlek mpreg
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Anonymous asked:
Rami and Joe are trying to quietly have sex in the morning before going to
wake their kids up for breakfast but before they can finish, JJ and the twins
(Daniel and Sara) come running in. Both of them are a little annoyed but the
look Rami gives Joe promises that he’ll just fuck Jim that much better later
once the kids are at school

And the minute the kids are gone and Rami & Joe are alone, the sex marathon begins…
standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF foursome between Rami/Joe and Ben/Gwil. Do you think they would
be comfortable enough with each other to switch partners for the night?

I think they would be if they were all in the room together. I think it would be a special treat
though that doesn’t happen often- perhaps a reward for the subs. (Which is pretty much what
happens with Freddie/John and Brian/Roger)
standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
Omg somotf!verse Joe asking John for some ideas for his and Rami's
anniversary expecting John to give him some cute ideas, however he ends up
telling Joe about the unbelievably filthy things he used to do with Freddie

LOL Joe is thinking John might suggest a romantic dinner, a weekend away, some long walks
in the country…
But instead he listens to the older sub talk about the time he and Freddie sent the kids to Bri
and Rog and had a sex marathon in every room of the house, and Freddie gifted John a large
collection of sex toys which became very well used…
standing on my own two feet

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Anonymous asked:
I know you've just done a continuation of craig forcing ben and joe to walk
back to theur trailers naked but could we see a bit of rami finding out and
comforting joe?.......

Rami wants to tell Joe how he’s going to rip Craig to pieces. He wants to tell Joe that Brian
will make sure Craig will never on another film set again. But he knows that’s not what Joe
needs to hear right now.
“Hey,” Rami says softly, holding Joe close. “Hey hey hey. It’s okay, Joe. No one thinks any
less of you because of what happened. In fact, I’ll bet people will respect you even more after
Joe sniffs. “You think so? You really think people will respect me more now they’ve seen me
wandering around with my dick out?”
“They know that wasn’t your choice. They’ll understand.”
“That’s easy for you to say,” Joe sighs. “You’ve never had to be naked in public before.”
“Maybe you should speak to someone who has. John might be a good start.”
Joe just buries his face in Rami’s chest, breathing in the Dominant scent.
standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
can we see ben and gwil getting together in SOMOTF? we saw joe and rami
but i’m dying to know how it happened for harlee

“Can I ask a favour?”
Ben blinks up tiredly at Gwil. He’s curled up against the Dom on the couch in his trailer,
looking exhausted and vulnerable.
“Of course,” Gwil says softly. He can never say no to a sub in distress, especially not Ben.
Ben swallows. “Can I…sit at your feet for a bit? Today’s been really overwhelming. Could
use a breather.”
“Absolutely, mate.” Gwil gestures at his feet. “Make yourself comfortable.”
Ben eagerly slides to the floor, letting out a little happy sigh as he settles himself at Gwil’s
“Your scent is the best, sir,” Ben says with a smile as he nuzzles Gwil’s leg.
Gwil can’t help but thread his fingers through Ben’s hair, and the praise is falling from his

mouth before he can stop himself.
“You did so well today, Ben. You handled those scenes with such professionalism and
integrity. I’m so proud of you.”
Ben beams, his eyes sparkling as he gazes up at Gwil.
Gwil’s heart is pounding, and he knows this is his chance. His hand drops from Ben’s hair to
cup his jaw, and then he slowly leans down to press his lips against the sub’s.
standing on my own two feet harlee
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Anonymous asked:
Just woke up from a nap and I remember dreaming about Bri, Roger, and John
being swarmed by their surrogate grandchildren (JJ, Daniel, and Sara Malek +
Maxwell, Owain, Anwen, and Jessica Lee) on Christmas or something, like
they're sitting on the sofa trying to hold every kid in their arms at once

So many children! ?
The boys love having so many surrogate grandchildren (on top of their own numerous
grandchildren!) They love knowing that they played a role in creating these families, and the
young couples remind them so much of themselves.
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macandlacy asked:
Can we see Brian and Gwil tearing Craig apart after he makes Ben and Joe
walk back to their trailers naked as punishment? Could Brian make himself
their nominated Dom during filming after that?

Craig is so fiiiiiiired
The Dom is sacked right there on the spot so that everyone knows they don’t dare treat subs
with anything other than respect on this set. Craig receives the most humiliating telling off in
his life, and only escapes a punch from Gwil because Brian holds him back.
Since Ben and Joe’s nominated Doms are so far away, Brian offers to be their chaperone for
the rest of filming. The subs are very flattered by this (not least because of their tiny crushes
on Brian)…
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Anonymous asked:
Can we see a continuation of that SOMOTF prompt with Craig making the subs
walk back to the trailer naked? Maybe the subs telling Roger and John, or Gwil
talking to Brian about it?

“He made you do what?”
John’s voice is soft, not an ounce of judgment in his tone.
Joe just blinks at the older sub, trying to hold back tears. He can’t bring himself to say it
But then John’s arms are around him, holding him close, and the sweet submissive scent
calms him a little.
“It’s alright, Joe,” John says gently. “We can sort this out. I’ll speak to Brian.”
Joe sniffs. “Everyone saw us. I won’t be able to look anyone in the eye again.”
There are fingers in his hair, stroking gently.
“I understand, Joe. Believe me, I know how it feels. But I can guarantee that everyone who
saw you was probably just thinking about what kind of an awful Dom would make you do
such a thing.”
Joe sobs quietly while soft lips kiss his tears away, and now more than ever he wishes Rami
were here.
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Anonymous asked:
What if during SOMOTF, while filming a nude scene, Ben and Joe end up
needing more takes than Craig would like, so he decides to punish them by
taking their robes and telling them that they’ll have to walk back to their trailers

Gwil is the one who finds them.
They’re trudging back to their trailers, freezing their asses off in the cold winter air, when
Gwil spots them from the other side of the courtyard.
“What the fuck.”
The Dom is at their side in an instant, and Joe really just wishes that they’d been able to get
back unnoticed.
“Why are you naked?” Gwil demands, pulling off his coat to offer it to Ben. “It’s fucking
“Craig wouldn’t give us our robes,” Ben says tiredly. “We were doing a sub time scene and it

took like thirty takes.”
“Jesus.” Gwil pulls off his jumper and hands it to Joe, before starting to unbuckle his belt.
“It’s ok, man,” Joe says quickly. “My trailer’s just over there-“
But Gwil is already pulling off his trousers and handing them to Joe. It can’t be comfortable
standing there in the cold in his underwear, but Gwil looks too furious to notice.
“I’m telling Brian,” Gwil says firmly. “It’s not Craig’s place to punish you.”
“Please don’t,” Ben says softly. “We don’t want to cause any trouble.”
His cheeks are flushed red, and he looks so small and vulnerable in Gwil’s big coat that Joe
just wants to give him a hug.
Gwil doesn’t say anything, but he gently places a hand on each of their arms and guides them
towards the trailers.
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Anonymous asked:
Craig taking it too far and accidentally really hurting Ben on set or in private
one day, which leads to a very pissed off Gwil, Brian and Rami

WARNING: mentions of sexual assault
There’s one time where Craig makes his most aggressive pass at Ben yet. He grabs the young
sub and shoves him up against the wall in an attempt to kiss him passionately, but luckily
Gwil happens to be nearby and is able to pull Craig away and punch him squarely in the jaw.
Of course Brian is beyond pissed when he hears about what happened, and poor Ben is very
standing on my own two feet tw sexual assault
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Anonymous asked:
Have u ever gone into Ben/Gwils & Joe/Ramis boubdries and limits??

Ben is quite open to negotiating punishments as they go along, but in general he doesn’t like
any comments about his body or any punishment that draws attention to how he looks,
positive or negative.
Joe doesn’t like his Dom to leave marks on any skin that might be visible. Rami also initially
expresses an interest in pet play, and while Joe does give it a go and thinks it could be a

useful punishment for him, he soon realises it’s too humiliating and Rami agrees he won’t use
it as a punishment.
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Anonymous asked:
Somotf: ben gets pregnant and tells roger about it during sub time

One of Ben’s favourite places in the world is the Mays’ sofa in their living room.
It’s super big, super comfy, and whenever Ben is sitting on it he’s usually always cuddled up
with Roger.
Ben is still a little bit thrilled that Roger May still randomly texts him and invites him over
for sub time; he’d wondered whether their friendship would fizzle out after filming wrapped,
but if anything they’ve only become closer.
“No John today?” Ben asks with a yawn as he surfs through the channels on the large plasma
“He’s having some sub time with his son,” Roger says, not looking up from his magazine. “I
think they’re doing a spa day or something together.”
Ben nods, jiggling his foot slightly as he leans his head against the older sub’s shoulder.
“That’s nice.” He swallows. “I’m pregnant, you know.”
Roger stiffens, clearly a little shocked by that random information, before lowering his
magazine. “You’re what now?”
“Pregnant,” Ben says with a smile. “Sorry to just dump that on you, but I only took the test
this morning and haven’t had a chance to tell Gwil. I had to tell someone.”
Roger grins. “Well I’m very glad that someone was me. Congratulations, Ben. I’m so happy
for you.”
He pulls the younger sub into a hug, and Ben can’t keep the smile off his face.
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Anonymous asked:
IBTYF/SOMOTF the exams for subs do they improve or get more private at
all? Or do they remain open and in groups?

They only improve for subs whose Doms are willing to pay for them to have these exams
done privately. The exams aren’t offered privately until the 90s, at which point Brian
obviously pays for Roger and John to have them privately, which means they don’t have them

done in a big group. But a lack of funding for sub healthcare means that anyone who goes
through the usual system still has a rough time of it.
i belong to you forever standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
Ahh I like the idea of subs being able to accompany other subs for medical
exams- what about Joe having to have his first exam in england while filming
and bringing John as his chaperone? (And because johns done it so many times
he knows exactly how to help)

Joe had thought that submissive medical exams in the UK might be a little
more progressive than in the US. Or at least he’d hoped they would be.
He hates how wrong he was.
The lack of privacy is astounding for one thing. He’s in a row of beds with about a dozen
other subs, all of different ages, chatting quietly with their chaperones. They’re all naked,
denied the dignity of a hospital gown, and Joe has never felt more exposed before.
Luckily John had warned him about this, so he hadn’t been too shocked, and John has seen
him naked on more than one occasion. The older sub is doing his best to distract Joe while
they wait for the doctor to arrive, chatting to him about what scenes Joe will be filming
tomorrow and how much John is looking forward to seeing his grandchildren this weekend.
“You don’t have to,” Joe had said when he’d asked John if he’d be his chaperone. “I know it
will be super awkward and I’m sure you’ve got better things to do, but Ben has to go out of
town to see his parents and I don’t know any other subs here well enough.”
John, of course, had immediately agreed and had been painfully kind from the moment Joe
had admitted his nervousness.
Joe starts to feel that nervousness again when the doctor enters. He’s an older Dom, most
likely in his sixties and nearing retirement, but he gives Joe a kind smile and John a respectful
nod. He doesn’t give his name though as he starts looking through Joe’s records.
“Alright, Joe,” the doctor says without making eye contact. “It looks as though it should be
fairly straightforward. Your last exam in the US looks good, although now that you’re 35 I’d
like to do a bit more of a thorough exam, as this is typically the age when we start to see
fertility decline in submissives.”
“Uh-huh,” Joe says, keeping his eyes fixed on John’s reassuring smile.
The doctor can clearly sense Joe’s nervousness, and finally makes eye contact. “Don’t worry,
I’ll talk you through everything. I’ll make things as easy as possible. And it’s good that
you’ve got your mum here to support you.”
Joe freezes at that, glancing awkwardly at John and wondering whether he should bother to
correct the doctor. John has gone slightly red, a little embarrassed, which helps Joe make up
his mind. John reminds Joe so much of his own mother, and the older sub has been one of the
best sources of comfort for Joe while he’s been so homesick.
“Yeah,” Joe says softly, reaching out to take John’s hand. “I’m really glad he’s here.”
John beams as he gently squeezes Joe’s hand.
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF Mazlek, I miss them and their first baby, could we have any ficlet
you have in stock about them?

The first thing Rami hears when he gets home is laughter. And not just any laughter, but the
delighted laughter of his son.
He grins as he drops his bag and follows the sound to the back yard, the tension of the day
already sleeping away.
He finds Joe sitting on the patio steps with JJ in his lap, and he’s blowing bubbles into the
giggling baby’s face from a small colourful bottle of bubble mixture.
“Look, Daddy,” Joe says to Rami, bouncing JJ gently in his lap. “We discovered bubbles
today. Didn’t we, JJ?”
JJ hiccups and drools.
“You like the bubbles, huh?” Rami leans down to kiss his son’s head. “Or has mommy been
annoying you all afternoon by blowing these in your face?”
JJ gurgles happily.
“See,” Joe grins. “He loves me the most.”
standing on my own two feet mpreg mazlek
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Anonymous asked:
Sorry for hurting our boy but what if Craig went beyond just leering and
commenting at Ben actually attempted to assault him? He manages to punch
Craig and get away and runs to find Roger, John, and Joe who were waiting for
him to join them for sub time. Rog and John keep Ben safe and comfort him
while John goes to get Brian (if Rog had gone he would have found Craig and
ripped him to pieces)

WARNING: mentions of sexual assault
Ben just bursts into tears the minute the older subs take him in their arms. He’s used to having
Doms be pushy with him but he’s never been touched like that without his consent, and he
feels so humiliated and powerless. Roger and John are both sadly familiar with being treated
like that, and they reassure Ben that he’s a strong beautiful sub and they’ll make sure Brian

deals with Craig…
standing on my own two feet tw sexual assault
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF! Joe goes into sub drop without realizing it-because sometimes drops
can be delayed-but Rami notices and takes care of him with lots of extra

Joe starts to drop the next morning, and Rami notices that his sub seems a bit down and more
quiet then usual. But then they’re just watching tv together and Rami notices Joe looking a bit
tearful, so he pulls his sub in for a cuddle. He draws a nice hot bath for them both so Joe can
sit in his arms and relax, and then they spend the rest of the day cuddling on the sofa in comfy
sweats and just talking.
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Anonymous asked:
OMG poor Ben! I need Roger to find out about Craig daring to punish him and
charging in like a protective mama bear to comfort him and tell him that this
isn’t how punishments are supposed to work and demanding that Brian sort
Craig out

Craig would be pretty terrified- there aren’t many subs who can leave him cowering with fear,
but after Roger goes into mama bear mode, the threat of Brian isn’t really even necessary…
standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
Oh gosh, can we have that post-punishment scene in Gwil’s trailer where he’s
comforting Ben?

“I’m a terrible sub,” Ben sniffs, gratefully taking a tissue from Gwil. “I know he’s an arse, but
I was being a bit mouthy-“
“Nah,” Gwil interrupts, wrapping an arm around the younger man. “He’s just an arse.”
Ben rests his head on Gwil’s shoulder, and Gwil’s heart nearly explodes.
“You’re an amazing sub,” Gwil says softly. “Any Dom would be lucky to have you.”
standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF Verse. Can you pleaaase write Craig being rude at Ben and trying to
punish him and Gwil finding out

Gwil frowns when he arrives on set to find Ben balancing on one of the wooden benches
from catering, holding what looks like a heavy crate in each hand.
Whatever he’s doing, he’s clearly uncomfortable. His muscles are straining as he attempts to
keep his balance and prevent himself from dropping the crates, and there are beads of sweat
on his forehead. There’s a small crowd gathered around him, which leads Gwil to realise that
this is a punishment.
Ben does eventually drop one of the crates, and he topples off the bench.
“We said half an hour!” Craig’s voice pipes up from the crowd. “Get back up there before I
sack your arse-“
Gwil pushes his way through the crowd until he finds Craig, and gives him a firm shove aside
so he can help Ben up.
“He’s not your sub to punish,” Gwil says to Craig as he squeezes Ben’s hand. “And
Brian will be hearing about this.”
“I’m petrified,” Craig sneers, but there is a brief flash of worry on his face.
Gwil just takes Ben’s hand and pulls him in the direction of his trailer.
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Anonymous asked:
That ask where Ben calls Roger 'mum' during sub time because he sees Rog as
a mother figure ?. What if Ben goes into labor and while he loves Gwil, its just
not the same as having a Sub for support. Gwil sees he's becoming distressed
and decides to call Roger for help as Joe is in the U.S. and can't come soon
enough. As soon as Rog enters the room, Ben's whole body relaxes. The older
Sub knows exactly how to keep Ben calm and help him get through this

Giving birth is definitely a lot easier when there’s another sub in the room. And Rog has
always been like a mama bear to Ben
standing on my own two feet mpreg
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Anonymous asked:
How quick would Rami and Joe get baby fever from playing with the kids who
play Andy, George, and Nathan?

Pretty quick! ?
They’re not a couple at the point where they film the scenes with the kids, but seeing each
other playing with the kids and filming the scenes where they’re a family certainly stirs
something within them…
standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
Craig just boils my blood. As a fix it, what if Roger, Brian, and John had
happened to stop by to see how the auditions were going and witnessed these
young men standing naked in front of a bunch of leering Doms? I think Bri
would calmly put the fear of God into them, Rog would go off, and John would
take Joe and Ben into another room to put their clothes back on and give them a

“There we go,” John says softly, handing Ben a glass of water and some tissues. “Just take a
couple of minutes to calm down.”
Joe sips his own water. Even though he’s fully dressed again, he still feels naked. He can’t
quite believe that he was naked the first time he met Queen.
John Mercury gives him a warm smile though, a motherly smile. The kind of smile that
makes Joe think maybe everything will be okay.
“Don’t worry,” John says gently. “Brian is giving the producers a good talking to. You won’t
have anymore trouble from them on set.”
“If we get the job,” Ben laughs bitterly.
“Something tells me you will. I’ve seen your first audition tapes. You two are uncanny.”

That makes Joe feel a little better, although he can’t help but think that John is just being
“I’m sorry this happened to you.” John sighs sadly. “I can’t believe this sort of thing still goes
on. This is like the stuff I had to do in the 70s and 80s.”
The thought of John having to go through something similar makes Joe’s heart sink, but it
also makes him want this role even more.
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Anonymous asked:
Oooooo what if ibtyf!borhap is sort of groundbreaking in a way because a lot of
movies don't portray subs having sweet/loving/comfortable sub time together
because the dom dominated film industry never cared to subs being relaxed and
comfortable with other subs since they always saw them as only needing to
pleasure doms and anythin in films that could be considered "sub time" always
came across super unrealistic and for the 'dom gaze' (kinda mimicking the way
lesbians/wlw are portrayed in media)

Films in the IBTYF verse definitely centre around the Dom gaze. When Bri, Rog and John
first read the script for BoRhap they’re quite concerned about some of the sub time scenes,
which are pretty much just pornographic without portraying any of the love and comfort
between Rog and John. It takes some intervention from Brian to get the script changed.
Even after filming wraps Brian has to request further edits, e.g. where the camera lingers a
little too long on Ben’s/Joe’s rear.
i belong to you forever standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
Aaa do you think you could write about Ben & Joe’s experiences at their
auditions in SOMOTF where Craig makes them undress?

“Excuse me?”
Joe can feel his blood turn cold, and he prays he’s misheard what the producer just said.
“It’s just a little screentest,” Craig says with a dismissive wave. “Your agent made you aware
that this is a role that requires nudity. We’re asking all the actors who audition for this role to
do a quick nude screentest.”
Joe swallows. This isn’t the first time he’s been requested to do something like this at an

audition, and he knows there’s not a lot he can do about it.
“Unless,” Craig drawls, “you’re no longer interested in the role? Which would be a shame,
because you really would make a fabulous John Mercury.”
Joe takes a deep breath. “No, I’m interested.”
Craig gestures at him to undress, and Joe swallows his pride as he pulls his t-shirt over his
head. It’s always the same with these auditions. There’s never anywhere private to undress,
and he’s painfully aware that every other person in the room is a Dom. He knows there’s
probably only about half a dozen Doms in the room with him, but right now he feels as
though he’s stripping in front of a crowd of hundreds.
He folds his clothes neatly, before taking a deep breath and facing the producers defiantly.
Ben shivers in the air-conditioned room, the hairs on his bare skin standing on end.
He can feel every Dom in the room drinking in the sight of him with their eyes, and he wants
to be sick.
“I think you’ll do nicely.” Craig licks his lips. “Roger May was quite slim in the 70s, of
course, but I think you’ll do just fine.”
Ben’s face is burning with shame, and he just wants to get out of this damn audition as
quickly as possible.
“Look into the camera please.” Craig gestures at the cameraman who’s been taping the whole
audition. “Say I’m yours, Master.”
Ben repeats the line with the emotion and energy he imagines Roger May would say it. No
matter how big an arsehole Craig is, Ben is still a professional.
“I’m wondering actually,” Craig taps his pen thoughtfully against his notebook, “whether we
should get you back for another screentest. We’re thinking of casting an American actor to
play John, but it would be lovely to see the two of you do a screentest together just to see
what the chemistry is like. There are a few sub time scenes in the movie, after all.”
Ben nods numbly. He can’t believe this is what he’s having to go through to get this job.
He just hopes it’ll be worth it.
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Anonymous asked:
For the anon about Ben and joes sub instincts kicking in, could ya possibly
write a small part where that happens?

“You alright, mate?” Gwil asks softly when Joe comes to sit at his feet during the break.
Joe smiles up at him tiredly. “Yeah. Thanks, sir. It’s just been a rough day.”
Gwil doesn’t miss the use of the title, and he strokes the sub’s hair gently. Ben trudges over
too to sit beside Joe, and the older sub pulls him in for a cuddle.
Rami notices that something’s not quite right, and wanders over casually. “You were both
amazing today. Really. Those were some tough scenes and you were so incredible.”
Joe in particular seems to perk up in response to the praise, but Ben just leans his head against
Gwil’s knee.
Gwil reaches down to take Ben’s hand and laces their fingers together.

standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
How about for the Harlee kids: Maxwell, Owain, Ashley and Jessica

Sure, why not! Great to have a Welsh name in there ?
standing on my own two feet mpreg
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IBTYF and SOMOTF masterlist
IBTYF Summary: Full title is I Belong To You Forever, it is a Dominant/Submissive AU with
Maylor and Deacury, their children, and grandchildren. Freddie and Brian claimed John and Roger
Nov 22, 1972 in order to protect their submissive bandmates from being claimed as basically sex
slaves by Ray Foster. Listed below is all the information we have on the characters, pairings and
offspring at this time.
Children of Freddie and John:
• Andrew (D) born 1975, submissive rights lawyer
• George (S) born 1978
• Nathan (D) born 1983, international businessman
Children of Roger and Brian:
• Liam (D) born 1977
• Sophie (D) born 1979
• James (S) born 1981, primary school teacher
• Charlotte (D) born 1984
• Freddie + John
• Brian + Roger

• Andrew Mercury + James May
• Children: Charlie and Amy
• George Mercury + Toshiro Mifune (I chose this name as a placeholder bc the anon who suggested
George met his dom in Japan referenced this real person. Y'all are totally welcome to suggest
different names)
• Nathan Mercury + Christopher “Chris” Sutton
• Child: Freddie
• Liam May + Unnamed sub
• Sophie May + Unnamed male sub
• Charlotte May + Unnamed female sub
SOMOTF Summary: Full title is Standing On My Own Two Feet, a continuation of IBTYF that
centers on the making of BoRhap. The actors have the same status as their counterparts i.e. Joe is a
Sub like John and so on. Rami and Gwil claim Joe and Ben after filming ends.
• Rami + Joe
• Jason Joseph Malek (D) born post-BoRhap, likely 2018/19
• Daniel and Sara, twins born 2020/21, status TBD
• Gwil + Ben
• Four children, sex, status, and names TBD
This is exactly what we all needed! (I have something like this on my phone so I can keep track of
all the detail in the IBTYF universe but it’s nowhere near as organised as this!)
Thank you so much anon!
i belong to you forever masterlist i belong to you forever masterlist standing on my own two
feet mpreg submission
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Anonymous asked:
How about Daniel and Sara for SOMOTF Mazlek's twins?

Great names! It’s now canon!
mazlek mpreg standing on my own two feet
12 notes

Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF: during filming BoRhap, Ben asks Brian for advice and Gwil asks
Roger because there are always some details about a person that only his
partner can tell. What do they tell the boys about each other?

Brian tells Ben that Roger is very feisty- even more so than his public persona and Bri
absolutely loves that about his sub. Rog isn’t afraid to stand up for himself but at the same
time is fiercely protective of those he loves. He’s a wonderful mother and a lot softer than
people might think…
Rog tells Gwil that Bri is a really caring and attentive Dom. He’s protective without being
overbearing or aggressive, and he exudes power without making anyone feel uncomfortable.
He’s wonderful with their kids and he’s a Dom who isn’t afraid to show his emotions.
standing on my own two feet mpreg
19 notes

Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF how many kids do Harlee end up having?

Four (mirroring Maylor!)
Also just realised that Mazlek mirror Deacury by having three kids!
standing on my own two feet mpreg
14 notes

Anonymous asked:
The ask with Ben wearing a fake bump was so sweet. One day on set Gwil or

Roger goes looking for him and finds him asleep on a sofa in the break room,
still in full costume with the child actors who play the Maylor kids piled around
him. He's practically hidden under all the little kids and toddlers and the only
things that can be seen are his head and prominent bump. If Gwil finds him, he
gets all blushy and runs away, but if Rog finds him he calls John and Bri over
to coo at how sweet they are

standing on my own two feet mpreg
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Anonymous asked:
How about Ben and joe’s sub instincts kicking in a LOT with some scenes and
everyone notices so gwil and rami talk to them?

Some scenes are so emotionally draining to film that the boys’ sub instincts end up kicking
and they need to express them between takes. They can barely look Rami and Gwil in the
eyes, and even start calling the Doms “sir” in public. During breaks they prefer to sit at one of
the Doms’ feet, and when Brian is on set they really can’t help but kneel.
Gwil and Rami have a chat with the boys because it’s clear how much these scenes are
affecting them, and reassure them that they’ll do anything they can to make the subs feel safe
and comfortable.
standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
can you write some more about maylor and their babies depicted in borhap ?

“Oh my god,” Ben grumbles, trying to stand up with his big fake baby bump. “This bloody
Gwil gallantly offers a hand to help him up, and Ben feels himself blushing.
“Wait until you get pregnant for real,” Roger laughs. “Then you’ll really understand the

inconvenience of a big huge baby bump.”
“I feel like I’ve been stuck in this thing since the day we started filming,” Ben grumbles.
“Seriously, Rog, was there any point in the 70s or 80s when you weren’t pregnant?”
“Blame this one,” Roger grins, giving Brian a gentle shove.
Ben usually loves kids, and he adores the toddlers playing Liam and James, but right now
with his huge fake baby bump he’s got no energy whatsoever to entertain them between takes.
Luckily Gwil is energetic enough to chase them round the set, and Ben can’t help but smile as
he watches them together.
He cups his bump, momentarily forgetting that it isn’t real.
standing on my own two feet mpreg
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF, When Joe is pregnant, his libido is so sky high that when he has sex
with Rami, he pretends NOT to have an orgasm just so Rami won't stop.

“Don’t stop,” Joe pants, tightening his thighs around Rami’s hips. “Keep going.”
Rami frowns. “But you’ve come?”
“No,” Joe lies, taking his nails down his Dom’s back. “Not yet.”
“Okay.” Rami chuckles and kisses Joe’s throat. “If you say so, my horny little sub.”
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Anonymous asked:
(Ok kind of sad but kind of cute) Joe, John and Roger having sub time where
they get John HAMMERED and get him to talk about Freddie because he
really needs to let it out

“Okay,” Joe giggles, taking another sip of wine. “I’ve got one. The most romantic gift Freddie
ever gave you?”
John smiles, his face flushed red. “Our children.”
“Bleurgh!” Roger fakes vomiting noises. “C’mon Deaky! Give us a real answer! What about
that gorgeous bracelet you wear sometimes to events you really don’t want to go to?”
John nudges the older sub playfully. “Well yes, he gave me dozens of gifts like that. But the
kids are what I’m most grateful for.”
“Okay, next question then.” Roger tops John’s wine glass up. “Favourite anniversary?”
John pauses, raising his glass to his lips thoughtfully. “Well, our first anniversary was really

lovely. We went on holiday to Cornwall which was our first proper holiday because we didn’t
have much money back then.”
Joe smiles. “That sounds nice. I’d love to go to Cornwall.”
Roger raises an eyebrow. “Cornwall? Really? Where you spent a week in a cramped little
“It was cosy!” John protests with a hiccup and a giggle.
“I just can’t believe you’re picking Cornwall when I know for a fact that he took you to
Hawaii for your tenth anniversary. I know this because I spent ten days babysitting two of
your children. And wasn’t that where you conceived your third child“Yes, alright.” John blushes even more. “Hawaii was quite good.”
The three of them burst into laughter, but then John stares down at his glass a little glumly.
“He sounds so amazing,” Joe says softly, patting John’s knee.
“Aw c’mere, Deaks.” Roger pulls his friend in for a hug. “We all miss him. And you may not
get Hawaii now, but at least you get to wake up to me and Brian snoring every morning. You
lucky lucky sub.”
John ends up laughing again at that, his body relaxing again as the other two subs hug him.
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Anonymous asked:
I always love some cute Mazlek content. How about SOMOTF with taking
Jason and the twins on their first vacation?

Joe grins as he snaps a photo of his Dom, sprawled out on the sun bed with their two babies
sleeping on his chest.
“Look at daddy,” Joe whispers to Jason, stroking the toddler’s hair as the boy struggles to
squeeze into his rubber ring. “He’s very sleepy, huh?”
“Uh-uh,” Jason says, clearly not interested in his sleeping father and siblings. “Come swim
with me, mama?”
Joe smiles and plants a sloppy kiss on his son’s cheek. “Race ya to the pool.”
standing on my own two feet mpreg
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF, I'm severely missing mazlek and their first baby; if you have
anything about them in storage, I'd love to see it!

Joe laughs as he gently pushes Jason through the water in his tiny inflatable towards Rami.
Rami grins and holds out his arms for his son. “Look at you, bud! Look at you in the pool!”
Jason gurgles happily, splashing his tiny hands clumsily in the water.
“You’re a big boy, huh?” Joe kisses Jason’s head. “Swimming in the pool with mommy and
Jason seems to love the water; he laughs and splashes and floats happily in his small
inflatable as his parents gently push him around and play with him.
By the time they climb out of the pool and head back into their rented villa to change, the
baby is blinking tiredly.
“Who’s a sleepy bubba?” Joe coos as he towels his son dry and starts to dress him. “You had
a big day today, huh?”
“He sure loved the water,” Rami grins, taking Jason so that Joe can wriggle out of his wet
bathing suit. “Maybe he’ll be a professional swimmer one day.”
“Maybe,” Joe grins, grabbing his collar and heading towards the bathroom. “When he can
learn to stay awake after more than ten minutes in the pool. Why don’t you put him to sleep
while I take a shower, and then we can have some private mommy and daddy time.”
Rami smiles and kisses Jason’s head. “Sounds good to me.”
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Anonymous asked:
You mentioned in SOMOTF that Joe had an asshole of an ex-boyfriend that
Rami met on the set of the Pacific. Could we get a glimpse of jealous, worried
Rami seeing them together?

Rami has to physically restrain himself from rolling his eyes.
Josh is on set again today, and he has his hand on Joe’s ass. Again.
Rami doesn’t think he’s ever met a Dom he’s disliked more.
For some reason, Joe seems to put up with Josh’s bullshit alpha-Dom behaviour. He lets Josh
boss him around and make jokes about him and degrade him in front of his colleagues.
Rami feels a little sick as he watches Josh take a seat, and Joe immediately sits at the Dom’s
feet rather than in the empty chair beside him. He watches Josh gently stroke Joe’s hair like a
dog, and he just wants to punch the guy.
Rami can barely admit to himself that there are other reasons he wants to punch Josh.
Reasons that involve wanting to kiss Joe and collar him and make love to him.
Reasons he can’t think about right now.
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Anonymous asked:

SOMOTF/Freddie!lives au, I love the idea of Freddie telling Rami to get a
move on with telling Joe how he feels. Like they'd be looking at Joe and John
talking near the visiting deacury family, and Rami would be nervous about
risking it; Freddie would understand, but he'd point to John and all his kids and
grandkids, saying, "-but the payoff is magnificent, darling!", before walking to
play with the grandchildren. Rami would look at Joe (with the fake baby bump
for the scene) and wonder...

Maybe Joe pretends to lovingly stroke his fake baby bump, and it really makes Rami long for
it to be real. In the scene he kisses Joe (as John) and strokes his bump, and he desperately
wants it to be real. Especially when he sees how happy Freddie is with his beautiful
submissive and their children and grandchildren. He wants a love like Freddie and John’s.
standing on my own two feet freddie!lives mpreg deacury mazlek
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Anonymous asked:
Can we get something with Andrew confronting Craig about his behavior
towards John?

Andrew doesn’t bother to knock. He’s too furious and he doesn’t care if he’s interrupting.
Craig is in the middle of some paperwork; he looks up from his desk with a confused look, as
if he can’t quite place Andrew.
“Stay away from my mother,” Andrew says immediately, forgoing the pleasantries.
Recognition dawns on Craig’s face. “Andrew, how nice to-“
“I don’t want you going near my mother,” Andrew interrupts. “I don’t want you talking to
him, I don’t want you touching him.”
Craig sighs. “Look, I don’t know what John’s been telling you, but I promise you I’ve treated
him with the same respect I’d give any other sub. We were having a little friendly flirt the
other day, and he was certainly enjoying himself. You know what subs are like, eh?”
“He was not enjoying himself.” Andrew can feel the rage coursing through him.
“Oh come on,” Craig laughs. “Is that what he told you when your father died and he jumped
into bed with Brian right after the funeral? And here he is twenty-five years later, still in
Brian’s bed-“
Andrew doesn’t hesitate before aiming a swift punch to the older Dom’s jaw.
He doesn’t even stay to examine the damage he’s caused- he turns on his heel and leaves,
desperate to get some air.
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Anonymous asked:
I know it's not really important to the plot of SOMOTF, but do you headcanon
Lucy as a dom or sub?

I headcanon Lucy as a Dom
standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
How about if there was another time Craig was disrespectful towards john and
nobody saw it?

WARNING: mentions of sexual harassment
“It’s good to see you, John,” Craig says with a grin, cornering the sub in a quiet corner of the
John mentally sighs, but smiles politely and keeps his eyes lowered. “It’s good to see you too,
“You haven’t been here in a while.” Craig’s voice is soft and he’s standing uncomfortably
“I’m not so good with crowds.” John folds his arms over himself nervously.
“It’s very friendly around here. And don’t worry, I don’t enforce a no-clothes policy for
subs,” the Dom chuckles. “Although when you’re around, I kind of wish I did.”
John freezes, his blood running cold.
“I’m sorry,” Craig says quickly. “That was a poor joke.” He reaches over to squeeze John’s
arm. “I just think you’re so…well. You’re still one of the great beauties of the music
“Thank you, sir.” John keeps his eyes fixed straight ahead, ignoring the Dom as he finally
walks away.
He lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and hugs himself tighter.
standing on my own two feet tw sexual harassment
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Anonymous asked:
Aww just imagine when the filming for Ridge Farm starts, Joe and Rami bring
little Jason to set and everyone is cooing over him while Jason is loving all the
attention. For the scenes where they don’t need the baby, he stays with John,
Roger, and Bri who immediately adopt him as one of their own grandchildren.
He’s so soft and warm and snuggly that they’re reluctant to give him back to his
parents at the end of the day?

in the actual timeline though I totally hc that the Queen boys unofficially adopt Jason as one
of their own grandchildren
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF Let’s pretend Rami and Joe were already together before BoRhap
and had recently had a baby. What if they used their own baby as Andy at
Ridge Farm?

standing on my own two feet mpreg
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Anonymous asked:
Andrew comes to set one day they’re filming Ridge farm and gets to see the
little boy that plays baby Andy with Joe and Rami in full hair, makeup, and
costumes. He doesn’t remember much about ridge farm, but when filming starts
it’s looks so real it feels like he’s back at the farm with his parents.

This is so precious it would definitely make Andy super emotional seeing Rami and Joe as
his parents, especially because it’s a time he doesn’t really remember and he always hears
stories about the farm and what an amazing time they all had
standing on my own two feet

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Anonymous asked:
Can we see andrew visiting rami on set to thank him for standing up to craig?
((((Stick rami in his Freddie makeup and outfit to make andy a teeny bit more
emotional and flustered when looking at him and I just might cry)))))

Rami pauses when he gets back to his trailer to find a visitor waiting outside for him.
At first he isn’t quite sure who it is, but then as he gets closer he realises it’s Andrew Mercury.
“Hello,” Andrew says sheepishly with a smile that is scarily similar to John’s. “Sorry to
“No,” Rami says quickly. “Not at all! Sorry, I’m still in costume and make-up. You wanna
come in?”
“Sure. This will only take a sec.”
Rami opens his trailer door and gestures for the older Dom to enter and make himself
They both take a seat on the small sofa inside, and Rami feels a little nervous, not quite sure
what this is all about.
“I heard about your little outburst on set the other day,” Andrew says quietly.
“And I just wanted to say thank you.”
Rami raises an eyebrow. “Oh?”
Andrew nods. “For standing up for my mum. I know Brian wasn’t around, so I’m really
grateful that you stepped in. And if you need any help… er, in a legal sense, just give me a
Rami smiles. “Thanks. I will.”
Andrew smiles back, and there’s another expression on his face that Rami can’t quite
Andrew clears his throat. “Well I’ll leave you to get out of costume and make up.”
The older Dom holds out his hand, and Rami grins as he takes hold of it and shakes.
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Anonymous asked:
I wrote an ask about BoRhap. I meant that in SOMOTF we have seen only
several scenes of that movie and in later asks you wrote that there will be
children, Andy on Ridge farm and so on. And I'm interested what other scenes
are there, especially in the 80s part because it will definitely be different from
the movie in our world.

Thanks for clarifying and really good question!
The movie is definitely very different from BoRhap in our universe as there’s a greater
emphasis on the boys’ romantic relationships with each other, and how they had to work to
deal with the inequalities the subs faced (with the claiming etc). As you say, baby Andy is
shown at Ridge Farm with them and the other kids all make appearances. The film shows
how the band struggled a bit in the 80s when Freddie becomes more obsessed with using
Queen as a vehicle to fight for sub rights whatever the costs, whereas the others want to focus
more on their families and raising their children.
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Anonymous asked:
Ibtyf: Joe and Ben being pregnant at the same time plus rami and gwil as
concerned dads to be at the same time, John roger and Brian have to step in for
support cos all 4 of them are freaking out at once and fuelling each other to
freak out more

The chaos! John and Roger spend some sub time with Joe and Ben to support and reassure
them that they can get through pregnancy and childbirth. With seven pregnancies between
them, John and Roger are pretty experienced and gently remind the younger subs that they
can come to them with any questions.
Meanwhile, Brian has a talk with Rami and Gwil to calm them down. He knows what it’s like
to be a nervous father-to-be and reassures them that they’re both going to be amazing dads.
i belong to you forever standing on my own two feet mpreg
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Anonymous asked:
How would Andy react to Craig’s treatment of John in SOMOTF when he
asked for a closed set for such a personal scene?

Basically, Andy is fucking livid. When Brian finds out what happened, he ends up calling
Andy to get his advice on what they might need to do if Craig presses charges against Rami,
and asks whether Andy would be able to defend Rami on the grounds that he was protecting a
sub. Andy is horrified to hear about how John was treated on set, and he offers to support

Brian with taking any legal action that may be required to get Craig fired.
Andy also visits his mother the next day to check John is ok and to give him a cuddle and
reassure him that there will always be Doms looking out for him.
The next time Andy sees Rami, he gives the younger man a big hug and thanks him for
standing up for his mother.
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Anonymous asked:
Steamy sub time between Roger, John, Ben, and Joe with the two older sub
using all of the tricks they've learned over the decades on the younger men and
also coaching Joe and Ben how to pleasure each other?

“Okay,” Roger says with a grin as he grinds down on John, rubbing their cocks together. “So
that’s a pretty easy and straightforward thing for you to do, and it feels amazing for both of
He looks over at Ben and Joe, who have been mirroring his and John’s movements and
position. Ben is watching the older subs as he grinds down on Joe with Joe’s legs hitched up
on his hips.
“That’s it,” Roger says encouragingly. “Ooh, but I’ve just had a thought! There’s something
else that’s worth a try for you two I think.”
Roger reaches for the lube, before easing John onto his side and placing a pillow under his
hip. He waits for Ben to get Joe into a similar position before smiling at them.
“Okay, lads. So if Rami and Gwil are anything like Brian, they probably won’t want you
fucking each other unless they’re present or it’s a special occasion. Sometimes when Deaky
and I are in the mood for penetration during sub time, we’ll use toys, but sometimes it’s nice
to be a bit more intimate. This is a really nice way of simulating fucking without actually
doing it.”
Roger pours some lube onto his hands before encouraging John to part his legs so he can
smear the lube on his inner thighs. He also rubs some over this cock before tossing the tube to
“Now Ben, you’ll want to get nice and close behind Joe and lie on your side, and then just
slip your cock between his thighs like so.”
Roger demonstrates on John, and waits for Ben to mimic him.
“Good. Then get Joe to squeeze his thighs around your cock like John is doing with me. All
you need to do is thrust between his legs and it will feel just like you’re fucking him.”
“That sounds great,” Ben says as he copies Roger. “But what about Joe? I mean, this sounds
like it’s geared more towards my pleasure and I’d want us both to enjoy it.”
John gives the younger subs a soft smile. “It does feel good, I promise. You can try thrusting
at different angles and Joe can tell you what he likes. Rog always gets a nice angle with me
where his cock drags against my balls and it’s amazing.”
Roger nods. “Plus you can always give Joe an extra hand, Ben.” He waggles the fingers of
one hand for emphasis before wrapping it around John’s cock as he starts to thrust.
Ben wraps his own hand around Joe’s cock. “How’s that, mate?”
“Really good,” Joe sighs happily. “This is really nice. Can you try and rub your dick against

my balls like John was talking about? Oh yeah fuck-“
The room is soon filled with the sounds of sighing and moaning and sliding flesh as the subs
lose themselves in their pleasure.
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF do they show the Maylor/Deacury kids in BoRhap? Do they have a
kid play young Andy when they’re at ridge farm?

Yes, the kids appear in BoRhap. Baby Andy is shown at Ridge Farm.
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Anonymous asked:
Omg if andy and james have a kid by the time borhap comes out I bet their kid
would call rami Freddie even when he's not in costume lolololol like "that not
rami, mummy, that fweddie" and everyone just gets heart eyes ❤ but he's so
used to his living grandparents being around and how old they look that he'd
scream not granma/ not granpa at the other cast members and again, fuckin
heart eyes!

Andy and James have both their children by the time BoRhap comes out. Both kids visit the
set and the youngest does get terribly confused when James explains that the cast members
are supposed to be his grandparents (especially when grandpa and both grandmas are right
jandy standing on my own two feet mpreg
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Anonymous asked:
Ooh ok we know Brian loves his subs but seeing Joe all nice and young and so
sweet does things to Brian.

Brian actually feels a bit ashamed when he thinks about how lovely Joe is. He has two
beautiful subs and he knows they’d feel really self conscious if they knew he’d been thinking
about how gorgeous a much younger sub is.
Ben is certainly beautiful, but Brian thinks Joe is particularly lovely because he has the same
sense of humour as Roger and he also looks a little bit like John from a certain angle. Plus
Brian gets a certain thrill when he can tell that Joe is trying not to fall to his knees in front of
him. His cock twitches when he thinks of Joe on his knees with adoring eyes, wanting to be
But of course Brian thinks nothing else of it when he takes Roger and John home- he shares
his life with the two most perfect subs.
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Anonymous asked:
Is it customary for doms to kiss the knuckles of subs they are introduced to /
meet up with or is that just something our ibtyf/somotf characters do out of
habit? Also I like the idea that if it is a societal norm to do that, that it wasn't
always like that back in the day and sort of grew over time as a sign of respect
doms show for subs. As if the gesture says: you are valuable and worthy of
respect regardless of who I am in your life

It’s not expected- not every Dom will do it but it is a recognised sign of respect, particularly
for older subs. The gesture means exactly as you say above. So that’s why Brian is very
pleased when he sees Rami kissing Rog and John’s knuckles (it’s also something that Brian
routinely does for the subs each night before dinner and usually when they go to bed).
i belong to you forever standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF aw I feel like when the ibtyf kids visit set on a day when rami is in
his mustache and he gives the sub kids kisses on the knuckles, the mustache
tickles them the way daddy's/uncle freddie's did which triggers more recent
present memories for them. I think they'd be sad, but still happy since they dont
need to strain for a memory and that Freddie's legacy is living on

Okay I’m crying ? I think they’d all definitely be in awe of Rami in costume/character. It
brings back all these wonderful memories of Freddie which they love, especially since some
of them were so young when he died.
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Anonymous asked:
Roger and John thinking Rami is ~~dreamy~~ is so fucking funny. I mean,
Rami is definitely HOT, but its hilarious how these two older subs still get
weak-kneed over a handsome young man. Joe definitely appreciates his dreamy
dom. When Jason goes to pre-school and someone asks him to describes his
parents, he says "my daddy is dreamy and my mama is fucking gorgeous" after
overhearing Rami and Joe complimenting each other

Rog and John may be getting older but they can still appreciate a handsome young Dom ?
And Jason becomes very familiar with how attractive his parents find each other!
standing on my own two feet
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Anonymous asked:
Rog and John being minx around Dom!Rami

“Hey, guys,” Rami says with a grin, setting down his script as Roger and John approach him.
“I didn’t realise you were coming to set today. How have you been?”
“Really good.” Roger smiles and takes off his sunglasses. “We’re only here for a bit today.
Brian has some stuff he wants to give to Gwil, so we’re just stopping by. We thought we’d
come and see how you’ve been getting on.”
“It’s been intense.” Rami chuckles. “I’m still getting used to the teeth.”
“John thinks you’re very dreamy in costume.” Roger winks and nudges the other sub.
John blushes, looking terribly embarrassed as he smiles shyly. “I didn’t use the
word dreamy.”
Roger grins. “What do you think, Rami? I’m claimed, but John’s not. Subs only get better
with age, you know-“
“Rog!” John laughs, his face completely red now. “Stop teasing the poor boy. I’m far too old
for him.”
John does bat his eyes a little shyly at Rami; he has his own subtle style of flirting that is a
stark contrast to Roger’s.

“I do agree that subs only get better with age.” Rami gives them both a wink. “The two of
you only seem to get more beautiful as the years pass.”
The older men giggle as they cling to each other, and Rami feels a sense of satisfaction at
making two older subs so happy.
“Brian might let you, you know,” Roger says in a playful whisper as he steers John away. “If
you asked him for us.”
Let me do what, Rami wants to ask, but instead he stands there in stunned silence as the
giggling subs walk away, his eyes fixed on their backsides.
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Anonymous asked:
This just popped into my head and made me happy but somotf!verse, brian is
sleeping and rog and john are awake so the pesky subs poke at him and tickle
him because they just want brian to wake up already and give them attention!
and then when brian starts waking up they pretend to be asleep ?

Brian chuckles as he rubs his eyes, blinking down at the mischevious subs sleeping on either
side of him with their heads on his chest.
“Well good morning, my queens.” Brian presses a soft kiss to Roger’s grey hair, and then to
The subs giggle before dropping the facade.
“Good morning, sleepy head,” Roger chuckles. “I hope you enjoyed your lie in.”
“I was trying to.” Brian reaches down to swat Roger’s bum. “Until two cheeky subs started
poking and tickling me. Tell me, Rog, if you were in my position, how would you punish
those subs?”
Roger grins, caressing the Dom’s chest. “Well, Master. If it were me, I would sit back, relax,
and make those cheeky subs take off their clothes and fuck in front of me.”
“That doesn’t sound like much of a punishment to me. What about you, John? What would
you do?”
John blushes and kisses Brian’s jaw. “Well, sir. If it were me, I’d make those subs suck my
cock together.”
Brian chuckles again. “Again, it doesn’t sound like much of a punishment. Especially since I
know both those subs happen to enjoy sucking my cock- even more so when they’re allowed
to do it together. I think we need something where neither of you are allowed to touch me or
each other.”
“Bri,” Roger pouts.
“You were both clearly after a punishment.” Brian winks at them both. “Your dildos are in the
sock drawer- we haven’t used them in a while so let’s warm them up again, eh? Go and grab
them and a bit of lube, take off your clothes, then come and lie back down and have some
solo playtime. And I mean solo. I don’t want to see either of you touching each other, and
you’re not to cum until I say so.”
“Brian,” Roger whines.
“You wanted to play,” Brian grins, “so let’s play. Up you get please, both of you. Dildos,
clothes off, and on your backs.”

Roger and John both let out an audible sigh, but they smile when they meet each other’s eyes.
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF, I'll take anything about Rami having his hands all over pregnant Joe.
Like Joe's always been deliciously soft, but now he's plush everywhere, and the
idea of them having a kid is heady enough, but seeing the visible changes, it's
like Rami can't control himself, and Joe just loves it.

“Rams, stop it.” Joe laughs, flushing red as he quickly wraps a towel round his body.
“Stop what?” Rami grins, winking at his sub.
“Stop looking at me like that! I just got out of the shower. I don’t want you seeing my wobbly
It’s not often that Rami sees Joe so shy and self-conscious, but he seems to see it more
regularly as Joe’s pregnancy progresses.
“Just wanna touch you,” Rami growls, gently prising the towel from Joe so it falls to the
floor. “Love your wobbly parts. You’re all soft and glowing.”
Rami wraps his arms around the sub and cups his bump gently, before his hands slip down to
caress Joe’s hips and ass.
“You’re such a sap.” Joe grins as their noses brush.
“Only for you, baby.”
standing on my own two feet mpreg mazlek
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF, I completely forgot to ever ask this when the story was going, but
I’d love any scrap/ficlet of how Roger and Brian reacted with John after finding
out that Craig had John kneel in front of the crew. (John seemed uncomfortable
but able to shake off what Craig did without needing a delicate treatment, so
I've always wondered if Brian and Roger were immediately shocked and
possessive with John before Craig was fired)

“You’re very quiet tonight.” Brian slips a hand under the covers to squeeze John’s thigh. “Is
everything alright?”
John doesn’t look up from his book. “It’s just been a long day. I’m very tired.”
“Andy called earlier,” Brian says gently. “He’s going to come round with the kids tomorrow.”

John can’t help but smile. Some time with his grandchildren is much needed and always
cheers him up.
“How was your day on set?” Roger pipes up from the other side of the bed, shuffling closer to
Brian so he can get a better view of John. “It was one of the sex scenes, right? I know Joe and
Rami were really nervous about it. How did they get on?”
John sighs and closes his book. “Craig made it an open set.”
There’s an uncomfortable silence.
“He what?” Roger sounds horrified.
John shrugs. “There was a bit of fuss over it.”
“A bit of fuss?” Brian raises an eyebrow.
“Filming was suspended for the day,” John continues. “After Rami punched Craig.”
“Go Rami,” Roger chuckles.
John bites his lip. “I asked Craig to make it a closed set, but he wouldn’t listen to my request
unless I got on my knees. Rami lost his temper a bit.”
Brian frowns. “Craig made you get on your knees?”
“He said it was proper etiquette.” John turns red. “I know he was being a bastard, but what
else was I supposed to do? I couldn’t just let him make Rami and Joe perform that terribly
intimate scene in front of everyone-“
“I’m not angry at you, darling,” Brian says reassuringly, kissing John’s knuckles. “I’m so
sorry you had to go through that. I promise you I’ll be having words with Craig.”
“You should beat him up, Bri,” Roger says firmly, reaching over the Dom to squeeze John’s
hand. “You should beat him up in front of the crew. He’s a right bastard. Ben says he’s always
perving over him and Joe. A beating will teach him a lesson.”
Brian rolls his eyes. “I was thinking I’d just have him fired, actually.”
John kisses the Dom’s jaw. “Whatever you do, please make sure Rami doesn’t get into
trouble. I have a feeling Craig is going to try and spin it so that Rami is the bad guy here, but
Rami was just defending me and looking out for Joe.”
“Don’t worry, love,” Brian says reassuringly. “I have an idea of how I want to handle this. Put
this out of your mind for now, and let’s have a lovely day with our grandchildren tomorrow
before I make arrangements to speak to a few people next week.”
John nods happily, once again grateful that he has such an amazing nominated Dom. As the
three of them settle down to sleep for the night, John feels a little less anxious when he feels
Brian kiss his hair and Roger lace their fingers together on Brian’s chest.
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Anonymous asked:
In modern days, can Sub/Sub and Dom/Dom couples claim each other or do
they have an equivalent of claiming? Are their relationships accepted and
treated equally or is it like how same-sex couples had civil unions, but it was
looked down on as "not real"

At the time of SOMOTF, there still isn’t an equivalent of claiming for Dom/Dom or sub/sub
couples. These relationships are accepted a lot more than they are at the time of IBTYF but
same-status couples still face a fight for equal rights and a lot of discrimination.

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Anonymous asked:
Once I asked about Rami as an unusual Dom. What about Ben as an unusual
sub? His appearance is really brutal and he's really serious and thoughtful

Ben is a feisty sub and definitely not afraid of standing up for himself. Subs are generally
thought of as being quite sweet but Ben can crack a dirty joke just as good as any Dom and
can behave quite boisterously on occasion too
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Anonymous asked:
What if in SOMOTF verse Rami is a sub? When people at first hear that a sub
would play Freddie, they are like "this movie will be shitty, a sub cannot play
him". But Queen family thinks he's doing amazing. And when the film is ready,
everybody can see he's an amazing actor who captured Freddie's energy. Maybe
in this version Joe is a Dom and it's hard for them to play but they do it

And that would make Rami’s Oscar win even more meaningful!
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Anonymous asked:
Since Rami and Joe’s fathers have both passed away in SOMOTF, Brian would
be the honorary grandpa. You know he would get all teary eyed when the JJ and
the Harlee kids toddle over to him asking Grandpa Bri to tell them about the
stars again! Also, John and Roger would be the best grandmothers, always there
with a cuddle and a kind word for their babies

The BoRhap boys remain very close with Queen after the film is finished, and they definitely
become honorary grandparents. Sometimes when Rami and Joe are having a freak out about
parenting they know they can always talk to Brian, Roger and John. Plus the kids absolutely
love their honorary grandparents. And Brian, Roger and John certainly aren’t complaining
about having a few more additions to their dozens of grandchildren.
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF, I love every extra with Joe's pregnancy/babies, especially the one
with Roger/Joe/John interaction at the May household; I'd love a ficlet or scrap
of the subs cuddling Joe with his newborn (I just get gooey eyed at the thought;
Roger making silly faces at the baby, John just loving babies in general, I love
any concept!)

Joe blinks his eyes open, yawning and then frowning when he realises he’s not in his own
It’s only when he sees Roger looming over him with a grin and a cup of tea that he
remembers he’s in the May household.
“The kid must really be taking it out of you.” Roger offers the tea to Joe. “You’ve been
passed out for about an hour.”
Joe takes the tea gratefully. “God, I’m so sorry I fell asleep. I’m so exhausted.”
It’s then that he notices John sitting on the sofa opposite, gently rocking Jason in his arms.
The baby gurgles happily in the older sub’s arms, and John smiles when he sees Joe is awake.
“Look,” John whispers to the baby, “Mummy’s awake. Do you want to go and see him?
Joe opens his arms with a smile as John carries the baby over to him, and Jason wriggles as
Joe takes him from the older sub.
“Has he been good?” Joe kisses Jason’s head.
“He’s been good as gold,” Roger says with a smile. “He was fussing a bit when you fell
asleep but he was fine after John cuddled him for a few minutes.”
“You have a gift,” Joe chuckles. “You’re so good with babies.”
“I have a bit of experience,” John laughs. “I hope you managed to get some rest? I know how
hard it is in the beginning. I was so exhausted when Andrew was born.”
“I feel like I haven’t slept in years,” Joe sighs. “I feel like I’m already failing as a mom
because I can barely keep my eyes open.”
“You’re doing an amazing job,” Roger says reassuringly. “John and I have both been there.
You’ll probably never quite feel on top of things, but I promise you’ll be an amazing mum.”
Joe feels a little better as John and Roger wrap their arms around him, and he can’t help but
hope they’re right as he looks down at his son.
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF Mazlek with their twins? Maybe their son meeting his new siblings?

“Jason,” Rami says with a grin, picking his son up and placing him gently on the bed beside
Joe. “C’mere and meet your brother and sister.”
Jason wrinkles his nose at the babies that Joe is cradling in each arm. “They’re all wrinkly.”
“That’s because they’ve just been born,” Joe laughs. “You looked like that too when you were
a baby.”
Rami ruffles his oldest son’s hair. “We were thinking maybe you could help us name them?”
“Oh.” Jason looks a bit more pleased. “Well that’s easy. How about Mickey and Minnie?”
“We’ll let you think about it,” Joe says quickly.
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Anonymous asked:
Okay but the maylor and/or deacury grandkids playing the kids in BoRhap?
Cue proud and nostalgic grandparents

OMG that would be adorable
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Anonymous asked:
SOMOTF, absolutely curious if you've decided how many kids Mazlek will
have! (I for one hope for a lot, but even the two you've mentioned make me so

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