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Principle 6

The Agricultural Climatic Transformative process also
integrates the regeneration of damaged soils, massive
reforestation of the targeted areas, a very considerable
increase in plant and animal biodiversity, a local fight
against water stress, the creation of a botanical
conservatory, the creation of an ornithological park,

EL4DEV "societal" agriculture is provided by a vast
network of circular gardens-forests-sanctuaries (groves)
on the model of the 100% sustainable and self-regulated

The city will integrate from the start (phase of insertion
of the first plants) many species of birds. Thanks to
their songs at beneficial frequencies, their droppings
very rich in nitrogen and organic matter, their roles in
predating pest insects, and their synchronized wing
beats, these birds are essential links to the rapid
development of vegetation.

They are made up of 100% mixed crops (association and
succession of various crops in the same space for a
functional biodiversity) including orchards and market
gardeners (therefore no cereal crops: too much water and
space, not adapted to the man). These are only edible and
medicinal species (concept of the food forest: agriculture
copying the natural, efficient and self-regulated model of
the forest).

Principle 7

Self-production of food will be used for catering in
tourist cities but will also be used for free distribution
to local populations in need (food self-sufficiency and
sovereignty, fight against poverty). Another function is
the creation of conservatory orchards, conservatory
market gardeners of organic vegetables,
conservatories of natural seeds and conservatory

The products are all of wild strain and old varieties (that is
to say, non-hybrid: therefore not patented, having the
capacity to reproduce by generating their own seeds and
possessing nutritional values as well as a much higher
bioenergetic contribution. high). It is particularly produced
some super fruits / vegetables / plants (highly nutritious
and complete) + high quality honey.